hi peeps

i hope u r all feeling as well as possible. i wondered whether i could ask some advice? i took amantadine for 10 days last year and gave up as i was not feeling any less fatigued. i decidede to give it another try as getting really fed up with the fatigue. my question is, has anyone ever had any success with amantadine or am i wasting my time?

thank you in advance of ay answers.

gina xx

I have tried it twice, admittedly only for one day each time, but it made me feel really spaced out, although it did help with my leg stiffness. My MS nurse told me that it works for some people but not for others. Good luck with it and I hope it helps you.

I haven’t tried it but I do take Modofinil for fatigue and it helps me.

Mags xx

Amantadine didn’t seem to do anything much for me, except make me prone to nausea, so I gave it a couple of months and then dropped it.

I asked about alternatives, including modafinil, and the MS nurse told me they are no longer approved for use in MS. I asked if I could have an occassional prescription for special days (weddings etc) but no luck in my PCT :frowning:

Good luck with your PTC though, it’s worth a try since they are so inconsistent with treatments sometimes,

Gina (another one) :slight_smile:

Hi Gina

Have been on amantadine since April this year and have gradually increased dose from 100 g x 1 daily to 2/3 times a day [take only 200 g at weekend]. Does it help with fatigue? Seems to. My consultant has advised I give it 6 months.

PM me if you want more info.

Jody x


Ask for Modfili its so much better, amantadine did very little for me


thanks for all your replies i will continue with it and see how i go. as for modifinil, i have asked and was told very politely “not a chance”!!!

gina xx