Hi All,

Just a quick post…As anyone had any side effects from taking Amatadine?

I was prescribed it last week for chronic fatigue, 100mg on morning. i hadn’t noticed any improvement in the fatigue, but to be honest i thought it was too soon, and was just going to give them time. However For the last 2 days, but mostly yesterday, i have experienced palpitations for the 1st time ever. Quite scary too, wondered what the hell was happening to me . i also had very little sleep last night, awake every couple of hours, and inbetween having really vivid dreams.

I’ve been to the GP this morning, who has advised me to stop taking them.

Wondering if anyone as any self-help tips for fatigue please

Thankyou x

Hi my fatigue was awful mid relapse and I started juicing kale, spinach, blueberries apples, carrot etc everyday. If I felt really bad I could definitely feel the benefit but maybe it was just the relapse passing. I also took b12 and d3 high dose. Hope this helps

I have been on and off Amatadine for about a year, Only odd side effect I get is slight acidy stomach

With me it lifts the fatigue a little its never gone away totally on them.

I was on modafinil prior to Amatadine and that drug worked for about 12 months but then gave me bad vertigo.

I was told it will either work or won’t pretty much straight away if they don’t lift your fatigue try Modafinil if they still prescribe this for MS, I think
NICE changed the guidlines for it to be used for MS fatigue.

Oh yeah. I had to wean myself off Amantadine as it made me suffer insomnia something wicked. One pill a day wasn’t too bad, but when I went onto the higher dose it made me manic and twitchy all day, and unable to sleep at night. Two hours sleep and hours of wakefulness help the fatigue, for sure…

thanks for the replies Guys,

oks likeit isn’t just me that it doesn’t suit.

I too have suffered hours of wakefulness, that just leave you feeling even more fatigued durng the day. It seems its a never ending symptom of my 1st ever relapse in June. I will just hav to plod on until i get my appointment to see the MS Specilist