Amantadine - anyone?

Just attended my neuro appointment where she recommended my gp prescribe amantadine for fatigue.

I suffer greatly from fatigue and am finding it hard to keep going any part of the day without having to constantly rest up. I feel like my life is just fading away.

If you take it what have you noticed, any difference and has the fatigue abeited? Please help



I found it helped greatly, was able to function a whole lot better. Severe headaches for about a week, but once it kicked in, brilliant xxxxx

Hi Shellie,

Im glad ive found someone else who is taking amantadine. I hope it works for me like it does for you, thanks for the advice. I feel a lot better about another medication now.




Good luck with it, the headaches nearly made me stop taking it, but stick with it, so worth it xxx

Hi I take it it does help when I am feeling good, but find it less affective when not feeling on top of things. It did take a good month befor I sstarted to notice a difference. So don’t expect it to work instantly. Hope it works for you. Barney

Thanks for that tip Barney, I was told to try it for 6 weeks and if no difference to stop it. Ill take your advice and see how it goes. Glad others have tried it before me, its good to share experiences.

Best wishes



Hi Bren, I am on modafinil which is really good for the fatigue but really makes me anxious after taking it. It’s a well known side effect. I never had anxiety in my life but now I understand the feeling!! I don’t take it every day due to that side effect but its very good. Good to know there are a few drugs out there for the awful fatigue. Lilly xxx

Hi Been,

Amanadine has made my quality of life much better. I had a headache for about a week then I was ok.

Hope it works for you.

Juanle. X

Hi Bren, I tried amantadine about 9 or 10 months after diagnosis, in 2006 I can’t say I noticed any difference to what I could do during the day, but it might have helped if they had told me before I started taking it not to take it after 4pm or I wouldn’t sleep! All the instructions said was one tablet twice a day, so I took them around 12 hours apart, not knowing any better, and I didn’t have a decent night’s sleep in the month I took them! I decided to stop taking them. When I saw the neuro it was then he said “don’t take them after 4pm, but you can increase the dose if you like” By then I’d weaned myself off them, and has they didn’t seem to have helped much I didn’t take him up on that suggestion. Having said all that I am rather of the opinion that anything is worth a try if there is a chance it will make life better, easier, etc etc Love Yvonne xx