I am on Amantadine 200mg for fatigue but am really really struggling this last month or 2 . Am ‘skiving’ off early some days as really struggling to stay focused on work which in turn I panic in case missed something as brain feels clogged up.Left leg is getting worse too so it ‘stick’ occasionally and trip over.

Anything else that can help fatigue?Can normally just about cope with leg and pain but the fatigue make it all seem worse.


Hello Gladys,

I was prescribed amantadine for the first 2 years after my diagnosis and initially it seemed to help my fatigue, however over time I personally felt it was doing very little and so I had a word with my ms nurse and she in turn dicussed it with my neurologist who prescribed me modafinil 100mg bd. he prescribed me a months course and asked me to visit my gp and discuss my medication change and he also gave me a letter regarding the change.

My gp explained that because of the cost of the drug he would be willing to support the change providing it appeared to be improving my fatigue and contacted my neurologist asking him to provide an additional months supply as he felt 2 months on it would give a clearer outcome of it’s use. My neurologist was more than willing to do so and I have been on Modafinil for several years now. It does help and continues to do so which is a blessing as my ms is slowly deteriorating and my fatigue worse.

have a word with your ms nurse, we all do our best everyday to try and live as normal a life as possible with this illness and if a change in your drug regime will make that easier then all the better. You deserve that.

Joysee x

Hi Gladys,

Do you think it’s because the Amantadine no longer works for you or are you maybe overdoing things?

I take Modofinil for fatigue. It doesn’t really help much with the physical side of things (in that I have no more energy) but it seems to work my brain up so I do get more done.

It is more difficult to get hold of these days but it may be giving your MS nurse a call and having a chat with them about it.

Mags xx

Hi thanks for replies.

Joysee hope my gp’s see it that way. Way I see it is give me the drugs to keep working and off DLA. Surely more cost effective.But have never found system logical they think more in the budget right NOW not long term savings !!


I did think that initially as have horses and work BUT even if take it easy which I have done recently as tbh can’t do anything else or I’ll cry!!

It I get up sit a bit go do something then get tired by lunchtime brain is getting clogged and eyes want to shut. I have fallen asleep at computer at work a couple of times.If I start doing something have found better not to stop as really struggle to get started again.