Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anybody uses

Modafanil to help with fatigue? I’m currently taking

200mg amantadine, but don’t feel like it’s doing anything.

any suggestions on combatting fatigue?

Thanks in advance x have a great Christmas x


Modafinil does work. I took it for several years.

But, it’s very difficult to get a prescription for these days. Some nonsense about effects on the heart. Although I suspect it’s as much about misuse of the drug (ie people taking large doses to get high!) If your neurologist can get you a prescription, then go for it. It’s a much more effective drug than Amantadine.

Keep in mind though, it takes a few weeks to get used to, it is a bit ‘speedy’, in a teeth clenching type way. But you get over that.


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As Sue says, modafinil is good for MS fatigue, and well worth a try if you can get it.

I have a feeling that NICE decided that it didn’t work for MS fatigue. This is a bit of a mystery to me because my n=1 experiment suggests otherwise, but it probably just goes to show that the people on NICE haven’t tried MS fatigue.

Good luck.


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I did try it and it didn’t work for me. Obviously everyone is different though. Consultant thought it was worth a try and GP prescribed it after a ECG was done.

I’ll bet they haven’t!

Nice one Alison


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Like you, I use Amantidine, and while it does help a little, something more effective would be useful at times.

Sorry I’ve not much advice to offer, other than I like to sleep a lot, and when really battling tend to pig out on sugary snacks - which I don’t recommend.

I’ve never asked for Modafinil, but maybe I will. What’s to lose? They can only say no.


Wouldn’t it be nice(!) if you could ‘gift’ some people (DWP, NICE, etc) an experience of a few MS symptoms. How about fatigue plus burning and spasming legs so they can’t get any sleep, thus the fatigue gets worse (with no effective drugs)? Or maybe vertigo and weak legs? Perhaps a touch of incontinence (double)? Or an ability to walk up to 100 metres before finding their legs give way (clearly one for the DWP)?

Or am I showing my deeply unpleasant side? That’s the side where I keep vengeance and MS.


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