i am suffering from severe fatigue.

Does anyone take any medication for this, such as modanifil or amantadine?

i have just started amantadine again.

i tried it early on (about 8 years ago) but it did nothing for me.

i asked my ms nurse if i could have modafinil - no chance but i have started amantadine again.

it is so vexing that modafinil can’t be prescribed for ms because it gets pretty desperate being so weary.

makes me feel like looking for a drug dealer!

mad old bird trying to score!

only kidding i haven’t got the energy.

carole x



I think getting modafinil is victim to the post code lottery, as we can get it here in Sheffield, though they certainly don’t hand it out. I started a couple years ago & it can help a lot, though some days Itake it & it doesn’t seem to have done anything. I’ve heard that it becomes less effective over time, so I’m limiting how often I take it, and save it for days when I know I’m going to be doing a lot. Ask your neuro if it’s available where you are.

In terms of general tips for fatigue, it’s worth making a note of things that leave you more fatigued or having more energy. For example, diet can make a big difference, and I know there’s certain foods that will leave me feeling drained & lethargic, like white bread or fatty meat.


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I am really struggling…what side effects do you get with amantadine ? is it worth a go? I am working 5 days a week and i lose my energy by mid morning and I get worse as the week goes on.

Coffee doesn’t seem to help much.