So I started my amantadine last Friday and I can’t seem to tell if it is working. I have had the dry mouth and woken more often at night. My fatigue seems a little better on the days I am not doing much, but I still get very foggy headed if I do even the mildest exercise. The upside is that my appetite seems to be a bit reduced.

My husband has made me promise to give it a “proper go” (I have a history of stopping meds as soon as I get any side effects) but I was wondering how long I should give it a go for?

Does anyone have any experience of this drug? I have a friend with MS who says she just takes them periodically when she feels rough but I haven’t noticed any dramatic effect on taking them. Do I need to perservere a little longer or just give them up as no good for me?

Any shared experience would be welcome.

Thanks, Sam

Hi Sam

I have been taken Amantadine for the last couple of years it took me about 4 weeks before it helped with my fatigue , I mentioned to my MS nurse that I didnt think it was doing anything for me but my wife spoke up as she was with me and said that it was helping just that I could see it but she notice it


Hi Sam

I have been taking Amantadine for the last few years it took about 4 weeks before any difference was noted

about 6 months ago on an appoinrment with my MS nurse I mentioned that I didnt think it was doing any thing for me

but my wife spoke up as she was with me and said that it was helping its just that I couldnt see it #


I have been taking this for about a month and just starting to notice a difference but I have iincreased the dose. I wouldn’t say the effects are exceptional but there is a slight difference. I don’t think there is that wonder drug that solves fatigue entirely we can always live in hope. Barney

Thanks for your reply Barney. Would you mind me asking what dose you take now?

Hi Sam

I have been on amantadine for a couple of years now as Barney said it took me about 4 weeks to notice any difference and then on an appointment to my ms nurse I said I dont think its doing any thing for me now my wife who had come with me spoke up and said it does its just that i dont notice but she does


Thank you. Did either of you find any side effects? I seem to feel a bit more woozy/confused than normal…?

Hi Clemette.

I took Amandadine several years ago for about three/four years. Initially, I didn’t notice much difference, but after a while I did begin to feel better, with more energy.

I did suffer from a very dry mouth and headaches, which were manageable, but after about four years, I began to suffer from palpitations. I had heart tests of various varieties, which did not pick ip any problems. It became really distressing as I woke up, when I had the feeling that my heart was going into hyperdrive. Eventually, I wondered if it was the Amantadine and stopped taking it and the palpitations disappeared.

I did feel that it helped with the fatigue. It was just unlucky that I developed the problem with palpitations. Stick at it until you are sure it is either helping you or not. I hope it does give your energy a boost.



Sorry for not replying earlier. Had a really bad week with the vertigo. 100mg I keep working with it definitely helps when you are on top of your game well as much as you can


I’ve been taking 200mg Amatadine every morning for the last couple of weeks and have notice I’m slightly more alert. My neuro told me to take 100mg when I woke up and 100mg at lunchtime every day to start (beginning May 2013) but I didn’t feel any benefit after a month or so so I changed the dosage.

Not sure whether there’s any link but I also take Vit-D3 daily too.

I’m just pleased that it keeps me alert when I’m at work.

Hope this helps!!

Take care

Pen xx