Amantadine advice please

Hi All Saw a neuro yesterday not my usual one. Wasn’t a good experience. They prescribed me Amantadine I was wondering how long it takes befor you sstart noticing a difference with the fatigue? I am feeling terrible today did another few hours at work, I knew it was going to tough but found it really hard to get through. Hands couldn’t cope with the keyboard. Glad I have touch screen phone. Hoping the workstation assessment on Monday is going to be positive with helping me.

I take Amantadine and it was several days before I noticed a difference. However, when my fatigue is at its worst (like this week) it makes no difference. My sleeping pattern is totally off kilter as I did a Cake Break last week and missed all my afternoon naps for a whole week to bake cakes instead. So this week, despite the Amantadine, I have slept through my afternoon alarm so have been having very late dinner in the evening. I had a migraine last weekend and I have another one now :frowning:

Hope things gets better for you at work soon. Sometimes I feel as if I work and sleep and don’t have much of a life in between.

Tracey x

Thanks. Afternoon naps are definitely essential and beginning to understand how a routine is required to manage this. You were doing good with your cake bake. Hope you get back into your normal sleep pattern soon. Take care

Yes, a routine is essential and a regular bedtime is a must. If I eat late in the evening it makes a real difference to the way I sleep at night so it’s a vicious circle.

Last night I slept for 14 hours and I still don’t feel any different :-(. I’m sure I will get back on track eventually. My Cake Break raised £265 so I’m glad I did it but my clleagues don’t realise the full effect it has on me. They think it just makes me tired for a couple of days!!

Keep trying with the Amantadine, it doesn’t work for everyone but I felt I had to give it a decent trial before I could say whether it was right for me or not.

Tracey x


Amantadine is the only drug I’ve had for ms.

I work part time in retail and I had to start Amantadine in December, when had to work full time because of Xmas. I was only diagnosed in Oct but had struggled with fatigue for about a year. The Amantadine did help,probably took about a week til I noticed the difference, but in the end I had to be signed off work for two weeks as the full time hours really messed me up.

I decided to stop the Amantadine in March as was feeling a lot better.The fatigue is an ongoing battle but not as bad as December now and don’t feel I need the meds at the mo. but I know its there if I need it. Would definately take it again.

Hope you get on with it ok


Thanks for the responses. It is good to know people’s experiences. I’ve had a really busy day today and don’t think I will be getting up tomorrow. Well done for raising that money. Nobody understands the fatigue unless they experience it and how much is taken out of you.

Hi, I didn’t notice any difference to what I could do during the day, and persevered for several weeks. However, I couldn’t sleep at night, which of course didn’t help the fatigue any. Hope you have more luck.