Anyone take Amantadine ?

Hi all, I have just been to see my new neuro, I moved house so am now under a different hospital. He was ok didn’t do say much usual thing ! He has suggested I try Amantadine for fatigue just wondered what I can expect, it does say you can come out in red blotches sounds lovely !!! Hope your all ok Karen x

Hi, hope you`re settling into your new home.

I tried amantadine for fatigue some years ago. Instantly it added to my constipation problems, so I came off it.

Hopefully soneone else can be more positive for you on this one.

luv Polllx

Hi Poll I actually moved over 2 years ago but am fed up of a 3 hr round trip to see neuro, ms nurse etc so took the plunge and moved to a different hospital. I see you are off on your travels again hope you have a lovely few days. Love Karen x

Hi. I suffered really badly with fatigue. I tried Provigil as my brother who also has ms takes it and thinks its wonderful but it did nothing for me. I now take Amantadine and it has made a huge difference. I have no side effects on it. Everyone is different but I live by the maxim that I with give anything a go and if it doesnt work I will try something else. I also have monthly injections of b12. My levels are normal so I dont know why it helps but it does and I am glad of it.



Hi Karen,

I have been on amantadine for a few months now - I take 2 x 100mg per day. It has made a bit of a difference - fatigue is not quite as bad. No side effects either. I would give it a go - everyone is different [reactions/side effects].

Let us know how you get on if you decide to take it.

Jody x

Thank you Mary and Jody, will start taking them tomorrow. I have been prescribed 100mg in the morning for two weeks and then to increase to one in a morning and one at lunchtime. Will let you know how I get on. Thanks again. Karen x

Hi Karen, I’ve been on these for 3 months and its worked brilliantly for me. Really hope it works for you, fingers crossed x. Pete.


Amantadine, wonderful stuff 3 little blue pills, total of 30 mg, before I go to bed, almost always works a treat. If woken up then a couple more and out like a light. Incidentally no blotches or fogginess either

Good luck,