Is amantadine any good.?

Does anyone find amantadine for ms fatigue any good? just been prescribed it by my neuro,but was told chances are it may or not work, i dont like taking drugs anyway so dont know if i will even bother trying it.

jaki xx

It didn’t work for me, but it does for some. After all, we’re all different, so nothing works for everyone.

If it doesn’t work even after a while on it, just stop taking it. If it does work, well, great!

Karen x


I took it for 7 months and it was brilliant!! Like someone had switched a light on, I then started getting strange side effects and had to come of it. I have just been put on a lower dose and again it is working really well, though not as good as before, I am now on a half dose.

Give it a go and fingers crossed it will work.

Marilyn xx

Hi Jaki,

I can only tell you of my experience that amantadine for me is a wonder drug. From the first day I had it, it was like the fog cleared and I wasn’t struggling to stay alert or with it. I got a few side effects initially, like very vivid dreams and remembering every detail in them. Also once or twice a slight hallucinogenic effect, but that calmed down. Now I notice if I haven’t taken it and the fog decends quite quickly.

As has been said, too much or taking it too late in the day can disrupt your sleep. I was reccommended no later than 2pm and that has worked for me.

Other positive side effects are it has moderated my flu symptoms on two occasions (it was initially developed as an anti-flu treatment, but since then there are better treatments) and it also has the odd effect of suppressing my appetite…:S Not to stop me wanting to eat, just allowing me to feel content and not craving more when I do eat. I think other people have noticed this symptom too.

It hasn’t helped with physical tiredness that comes with overdoing things - I don’t think that is what it’s supposed to do.

I feel it when I don’t take it, I have trouble focusing or concentrating.

Don’t get me wrong I still have fatigue, it’s just not as bad as it was/could be.

I guess you won’t know if it helps unless you try - a bit like beta-inteferon

Good luck with whatever decision you make :slight_smile:


Yes I have to say it does help. I can’t say I feel brilliant and completely awake or anything but it definitely helps me get through the working week.

Hope you have some success with them too



Hi Jaki, I tried it but got so constipated i stopped it. it didnt do anything for my fatigue. Hope it does for you tho.

luv Pollx


Just started 3 weeks ago and yes its better



I have been on amantadine for several years now and it has definately helped me. I would say give it a try.

Good luck.


I started these in Jan and what a difference it was as it someone just switched a light on. Calmed me down now not so anxious and can make plans again. What a great wee pill I am only on 25mg but in conjunction with other drugs they are just grreat for me. They took about a month to wrk, but work they did. Hope they work for you.


I tried it and it didn’t make any difference to how I felt or how much I could do in the daytime, but I was awake almost all night every night, which wasn’t useful!!

Hi, after 11 years of awful fatigue I’ve just started Amantadine and I must say it has really helped, it’s like a miracle. I am just worried now that I’ll have to come off it for any reason! A few people mentioned that they have had to come off the drug due to developing adverse effects after a few months. Can anyone explain what these were? It has made such a difference to me, I would be devastated to have to come off for any reason. Thanks