Amantadine anyone ?

Hi all

I have just started this and would be interested in others experience of it for fatigue. I took (in the past) modafinil which made me some what manic, as if i had had 10 espressos in a hit!

Anyway, first dose i’d say a slight improvement in alertness. I also take Fingolimod and am hoping i might also benefit from the anti viral benefits as my white count roller coasters and i pick up viruses easily.

I look forward to having some feedback.

I have to say that I found the Amantadine to be quite strange. It did keep me awake but I ended up a bit like a zombie, still tired and fatigued but awake. I had some very vivid dreams and a very dry mouth. Not sure that the benefits outweighed the disbenefits for me?


Been trying Amantidine for about a month. No noticeable difference to fatigue so have agreed will stop after six weeks if no improvement. I think I read somewhere that may only be effective for 20-40% of people

Thanks for your replies. A few days in and i do feel a bit strange and zombie like at times. I think 4-6 weeks is a good trial time. So want some respite from the mental fatigue though.


I have been on amantadine for about 4 years, it works for me !

Not only does it reduce the fatigue but I think it increases my pain threshold, recently the manufacturer had a problem and they were in short supply… panic set in! I don’t know if it was in my head but I felt terrible until I got a supply.

Today i felt some benefit, no zombie moments so hopefully I’m adjusting to it. I hope it keeps working for you The Mouse.