experiences of Amantadine?

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any experiences of taking amantadine for fatigue? I’ve been taking 50mg twice a day for a week and have had a pretty mixed experience. I did have two days when I woke up, before my alarm, and actually felt almost energetic! However, I’m crashing out after a few hours, feeling really sleepy (not usual for me), and also feeling quite out of it. In many ways, apart from those two mornings, I actually feel worse. If it makes any sense, I feel less fatigued but more tired.

If you have tried Amantadine did you notice a positive effect straight away, or did it take a week or two? Do you think it’s worth sticking with?

I’d really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks,


It didnt do anything at all for me so I stopped taking it!

Hi Mandy,

I’ve never been on Amantadine so I can’t comment on it I’m afraid.

I am on Modafinil for fatigue though and have been for a couple of years and what I can say is that for the first few weeks of being on it I was whizzing around like I had a rocket up my backside. I’ve not moved that fast in years…lol…plus like you, I felt ‘out of it’!

It takes time for our bodies to get used to medications so unless you’re having nasty side effects I’d try and stick with it for a bit longer but keep an eye on things.

It may also pay you to make a post on the Everday Living forum as you’re more likely to get a better response from others who either are or have been on Amantadine itself.

Hope that helps a bit

Debbie xx