First Few Days On Amantadine

So as the title says I’ve been taking Amantadine for about 4 days now and I dont think I’m tolerating it to well.

I’m not seeing a benefit in it helping my fatigue, but more than that I’m actually feeling a bit worse when walking and my head feels like I’m not really with it, if that makes sense ?

I’m only taking 100mg in the morning which I’m supposed to gradually increase to another 100mg around lunch time.

But I dont think its a good idea at the moment.

Has anyone else found Amantadine making symptoms worse ?

I’m also on Gabapentin 3 x 100mg daily.

to be honest, amantadine does nothing for my fatigue and i don’t expect it does for you either.

so perhaps you should dump it.

why oh why can we not get modafinil?

maybe time to see a drug dealer for some whizz?


carole x

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I do think it is scandalous, Carole. By sheer good fortune, I was and ‘existing patient’ when the world changed and modafinil became so terribly hard to get hold of, and so I have so far managed to stay under the radar and just keep on taking it and getting great benefit from it.

As I say, that is just luck. But it shouldn’t be just luck, should it? I have a feeling that the NICE policy wonks decided that it didn’t work because their spreadsheets said it didn’t. Too bad they were too busy communing with their computers to ask some real people whether it worked. I could have set them straight!


  • I googled pills u mentioned and I see you can buy it…

Buying meds off the net is a bit dodgy to say the least.

An hour or so after taking the Amantadine I seem to get an odd feeling, like as if I’m day dreaming but still in the room, and with a throbbing headache, I also thought that my legs were more jelly like around my thighs when walking, so I really had to concentrate to walk, which was far more draining than “normal”.

I’m working this afternoon, first day back after being off a fortnight after catching a virus, which made everything worse, anyway I think I’ll give the Amantadine a miss just in case it affects me in work.

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Oh, I’m sure you can buy them - it is a staple for university students pulling all-nighters on the eve of deadline day for that essay that they haven’t quite got around to starting yet.

But once you go off-piste and are buying online without a prescription from sellers who ought not to be selling something without a prescription, then those convincing little pills they send you in the post might be fine or they might be pressed Vim or worse. Depends how lucky you are feeling. Not for me, I’m afraid.


Unfortunately amantadine had the same effect on me, i gave it 10 days, but no joy! bad head jelly thighs’ i js wasn’t there!

i do take baclofen & i do tend to juggle the dose a bit for fear of making my wobblyites worse.

But the amatadide after 10 day’s was shown the back of the fire!!


I did amantadine for over ten years .When I stopped I started catching up with my sleep.

That’s all they did for me. No fun.

Best wishes

Think I might just give it a miss.

I’ll wait a week or so though before starting Bacolfen.

I’ve been to work today without Amantadine and even though I’ve felt a bit weak, it was nothing compared to the last few days on Amantadine !!

Hi I feel exactly the same after 3 days. Is it worth persevering? Also on Fingolimod and Gabapentin.Jen