Hi,has anyone tried amantadine tablets for fatigue?.


Hi Jamie

Yes, I tried them for about 6 weeks. They took about a week to feel the benefit and then I felt much more alert during the day. I took one in the morning and another one at midday. However in the last week I did feel a bit ‘spaced out’ and noticed several times in the late afternoon that when I was parking my car I wasn’t really spacially aware. What I mean is that I didn’t really feel like I knew where the ends of my (tiny) car were and that isn’t like me at all. I didn’t feel unwell with a virus or anything else so I stopped taking amantadine and felt more like my usual self again the very next day.

I decided I would rather feel tired and have an afternoon sleep than feel I was alert and yet not really safe to park the car so now I manage without them. I still think it’s worth trying them because lots of other MSers have really good results on them. I may even try them again in the school summer holidays and see what happens the next time. It may have just been a coincidence …

Tracey xx

Thanks Tracy,will try and see how it goes.I suppose eveyone reacts different to certain things.


Hi Jamie

I tried them recently, but had to come off them, as at just 5 days i started having palpitations.

However you might be absolutley fine on them.

Good Luck

My neuro suggested that I try this but my dr won’t prescribe it.

Thanks everyone,will let you know how things go.


My neuro wrote out a prescription then sent a letter to my GP telling him hes prescribing them and to allow repeats.

I don’t get any side effects apart from it can give you acid burn in stomach. Modafinil did give me vertigo and a odd feeling in the head after taking them for 2 years.

Been on Amantadine for a year now and only take them when I need too, they pretty much work within an hour of taking them if they don’t work after couple of days I guess they never will.

I still only take one 100mg a day as its enough.

Ha. blimey don’t let this list put you off as extreme fatigue is a female dog

My acid thing not even listed.

Hi. I’ve been taking Amantadine for about a year. I started on one tablet (100mg) and then up to two. They seemed to work at first but recently the fatigue has got much worse. My neuro suggested taking three a day but still the fatigue overwhelming so I’m coming off them for a while. My GP said it is not unusual for people to build up tolerance and they lose their effect. Anyway I didn’t have any bad side effects except feeling a bit spaced out when I first started on them. Good Luck :slight_smile:

They made me feel drunk! You try teaching a class of 30 when you feel like that… Not for me then but I know some people on here who find them very helpful.

Ha ha Yes I’m also a teacher and I did need to take three weeks off whilst I got used to the tablets because I was spaced out and stammering. Hope you found something that did work. Some people who take Modafinil say it has worked really well. Penny

Just a long overdue reply,took the tablets for a week but did not get on very well with them so stopped taking them.