hi everyone,


can someone advise me on the best medication to ask for to help / combat fatigue please?


i know of Amantadine but is there one with better results?


ty in advance for any replies given



Anna x

I take modafinil, which works well for me.


I didn't have any luck with amantadine, but modafinil has worked wonders. However, my MS nurse told me last month that they've been told to stop prescribing to new patients. You might be lucky and your PCT hasn't clamped down yet, so worth asking if you can try it. You should know that it takes a while to get timing and dosage right, there are side effects in the first couple of weeks and it doesn't work for everyone.

Lifesaver for me though!

Karen x


I took Amantadine for 7 months, it was brilliant, I felt the best I have felt since having MS. Out of the blue I started having some strange symptons, voices in my head and purple netting marks over my legs, I was then taken off it. I am now on Modafinil which is ok but nothing as good as Amantadine. I have just been told I can go back on Amantadine so I am slowly coming Of Modafinil. I will now be on a lower dose of Amantadine, I'm praying it will be as good without the side effects!

It seems what works for one maybe does not do so well for another. Good luck, if you find something that works life can be so much better.

                            Marilyn x


Hi Anna,I've taken amantadine for about 5yrs and if I don't take it for a day I feel awful.I don't get any side affects either.I have been on LDN for 2mths,just about to go up in dose and I have not experienced anything like it before (had ms 34yrs) I don't get fatigued anymore,,,I get tired as normal but no fatigue as you know is different, I'm not sure whats going on but something is,no side affects from that either.Just thought I'd share my experiences with you. good luck.take care.helen.x

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 x Peter