no sleep

Hhmm here we go again no sleep its 3am listening to an owl cute seen an hedgehog too legs wont keep still (mine not the hedgehogs).Not sure why ive wrote thisthink i need to go back on my amytriptyline.Cant understand why gp took me off it just because i was prescribed gabapentin by neuro.Any sweet dreams my friends hopfully.

Hi Sparky by the way did you take amytriptyline for a long time before you had it stopped and if so did you get weaned off it or not because if it was stopped quickly and you’d been on it a while it is no wonder you are having trouble sleeping go and see GP and sweet dreams.I was watching the bats fly across the beam of neighbours security light.,no owls last night but saw hedgehog in garden. Sue

Hi sue Had been on the amitrptyline for 4 months was prescribed it for muscle cramps and to help me sleep im hoping gp will agree with me going back on it.