Can't sleep

I can’t sleep probably getting about 4 hours broken sleep for past 3 nights- which is making me feel worse than ever.

I am only in 10mg of ampitriptyline but I think I’m going to up it to 20mg tonight I’ve only been on it 4 days, first night I slept like a baby now nothing.

I wake up and start thinking and get worked up about health, future etc,

Might make an appointment with doctors, see if I can get some other meds.

Do you have any tips to make me fall back to sleep?

Hello, Sorry to hear you’re sleeping badly. I too am experiencing something similar. The nighttime gremlins are horrible- you easily ‘overthink’ and can find yourself getting anxious. Not conducive to sleeping right? I have a couple of strategies as follows: - Try to avoid napping (not always possible) so that im really tired when I go to bed - I give myself 30 mins of ‘trying’ to get back to sleep and then I get up and go on the sofa with a cuppa. I will then read/ watch something that doesn’t require proper attention on tv (e.g. Like friends so that I don’t concentrate on a programme and keep myself awake). I find this stops me focusing on ‘what if’ which typically keeps me from sleeping. - if I am in bed and the ‘what if’ starts I imagine that my thoughts live in a filing cabinet. I can put the negative ones back in a folder and file them away, and then I take out a different file such as a holiday file and think about that. I know it sounds weird but it helped me! Hope this isnt all gobbledygook for you- just thought I’d share my experiences :slight_smile: X