Can't sleep

Hi, For the past week or so I can’t go to sleep till about 3 or 5 am in the morning.I have ms does anyone have this problem.Thanks in advance for any answers.

Ihave tterrible trouble sleeping and have done for years. Then I will get stages when I have to sleep for days. I get myself in a state if I think too much about it. I use relaxation techniques to help me drop off and have music playing to help. Hope you can sleep soon

I go have this problem at times. I thought I had just gotten into the habit of falling asleep on the sofa & then not being able to fall asleep but I do also have some nights were I’m just not sleepy. It sounds easy to say but you do need to break the vicious circle. I make a point of going to bed, without book - which is difficult, but if I’m not asleep in 30 mins then I will read for a while. I may think I’m not tired but I do seem to drop off more often than not. Try Nytol if you can to help break the cycle. Take care of yourself JellyBellyKelly

I get that sometimes, like now I am still awake. Lol

Yes, getting off to sleep is often a problem…long gone are the days (nights?) when I used to climb into bed and drop off right away. One major cause of disturbance is the twitching in my right leg, which invariably continues until I grudgingly haul myself out of bed and go to the loo again, just to remove the last traces from my bladder. Even then, my leg can sometimes continue to twitch (almost spasm sometimes). It’s all pretty tiresome (and tiring), but I do believe that our bodies will gradually adjust to this new regime. Wonderfully adaptive creatures, we humans!

I generally sleep well - in fact have had the opposite problem where I sleep for several hours in the day and then eight at night. But I did go through a phase where I was woken up by twitchy legs. Just wanted to say there are good drugs for this - I take a very low dose of clonazepam, an epilepsy drug. It works a treat.

Hi, do you think you are over stimulating your brain? I usually fall asleep watching tv…but I also wake up a few times in the night. Dont know why, just do it. Cant blame the bladder now, as I have an spc. If I look at the clock, it magnifies my wakefullness.

If I dont look at the clock, I go back to sleep more easily.

Then in a morning, the waking at stupid o`clock doesnt seem so bad.

Why not try not logging on late in the evening?


Hi Anon, know that feeling well…2:05am and have to get up in 6 hours. Even my cats have gone to bed. Bloody annoying…

hi i use meditation tapes ,Poll may be right because I get worse when i am thinking about things I also fine if I sleep during the day rather than just resting that throws it also


Hi I stopped drinking anything with caffeine in it and also take a low dose of amytriptilene both of which work very well for me. Catherine

I take amitriptylene too, it does help you sleep at a more regular time :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi I have been given sleeping tablets Zimovane 7.5mg. What with these and Amitriptyline, Gabapentin I rattle but they do help. Might be worth taking to our MS Nurse, mine is very helpful. Sleep well Deborah


Yup I’ve been there, thnk there was an element of worry and depression linked to the MS. I will not go into the gory details.

Spoke to my MS consultant - prescribed Clomazepan, Amytriptaline and Tizanadine.

Tizanadine cos baclofen has a half life of 4 hours and this has 8, Amytriptaline stops depression, Clomazepan knocks you out.

If I forget my pills at night then get about 2 hours sleep and cannot dropoff again until I’ve taken the pils - that is a bit worrying but so is MS.

This has resored a regular sleep pattern, that is so important foir me. When I only had 3 or 4 hours a night then I got real ratty and bad tempered.

Good luck and hope you get sorted



Morning Patrick Thanks for your comments,spoke to my MS Nurse yesterday and she has sent a prescription over to my Doctors surgery, so I don’t need to make an appointment to see him,will start them next week and see how I get on,she will start me on a low dosage .5 mg for 28 day. Thanks again Deborah

Hi All

Quick question - can you just take one Amytriptaline at night to help sleep - if yes what dose? Or do you have to take them during the day as well xxxjenxxx

Hi Jen I take 20mg at 7pm and am ready for bed at 10pm ish. FWIW I’ve also stopped drinking anything with caffeine in which seems to be helping too. Catherine Xx

Hi All

Quick question - can you just take one Amytriptaline at night to help sleep - if yes what dose? Or do you have to take them during the day as well xxxjenxxx


I take Amytriptaline just before I go to sleep at night. Cannot say much more than that. I would suggest you talk to your MS nurse for more info


Hello Jen

I just take Amytriptaline at night immediately before I go to sleep. I take 3 @10mg. My prescription says take between 2 and 6 at night.

Good luck


Thank you!

l haven’t had a good nights sleep for 31yrs. My MS started when l was pregnant - and what with a new baby and ms my sleep pattern unravelled. Over the years l have tried everything - calomile tea/lavender spray on pillows etc. Meditation tapes - talking books - yoga breathing exercises. Nytol/Kalms and many more. l do take amitriptyline 35mg and also Zopiclone - and if l am lucky l get 3hrs at the most. When l read on here about folk with ms who sleep for hours - or stay in bed all day - l began to think my insomnia was not ms related. But then it just goes to show we are all different with our ‘symptoms’. l read alot - and try not to let the fact that l am not sleeping worry me. l might just only need a few hours - l certainly do not look ‘dead tired’ no bags under my eyes. And l never ‘drop’ off during the day.

Pretty sure this condition is one we should not get wound up about - accept it - getting stressed will only make it worse.

Reading the replies on here - l think l might try taking my amitriptyline and zopiclone earlier in the evening - see if it helps.