Sleeping ?

Any advice on how to get 8 hours sleep straight through?

I`ve sorted out spasms in my legs and made the bed as comfortable as possible.

As Im not mentally or physically tired I dont fall asleep till about 4am. When I was able to work (Carpenter} I knew what being tired mean`t.

Ive tried reading, potions and lotions but nothing works. Im sick of being a Vampire. I just want normal sleep.

Any ideas?

10 pints of Stella does`nt work either.

A few drops of lavender oil on cotton wool tucked into the radiator or under the pillow helps me. I lie in bed imagining lovely things and planning lovely things. In my case it’s decorating the planned wheelchair accessible extension. Colours, bedding, light fitting etc.

Planning the garden for spring, even though I will be paying someone to do it now. Dreaming for the future I suppose, in a nice positive way.

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I take amitriptaline which helps me fall asleep much more quickly and though I have to get up numerous times in the night to pee, I generally get back to sleep soon after. If I dont take it I can lie awake for hours. I think Doctors are more relaxed about prescribing it that other sleeping tablets.

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I rarely have more than 6 hours now I’m retired. My problem is I’ve always been an early bird so I’m falling asleep at ten consequently I wake up around four am. It’s a circle I can’t break no matter how hard I try. Happy dreams. Jan x

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I’ve tried Amitriptyline. It has helped a little. I had getting up too many times in the night also because my bladder wasn’t fully emptying. I now self cathertise which I hate but it works.

Hi I have the same sleep problem but when I spoke to my neurologist recently he said this was not caused by MS! I’m afraid I don’t believe him! He suggested attending a sleep clinic?

It does not seem to matter what I have been doing or what time I go to bed I rarely manage to get to sleep before 4 am. If you find a solution please let me know.



I would change your Neurologist immediately. I totally disagree with him as well. Suggesting a Sleep Clinic is a Cop Out. If I find a solution, I will be a very rich man.

I had been hoping for an mri as my walking has deteriorated so much in the last year and I haven’t had one for two years. But my neurologist thought it unnecessary as I am not on any medication and the last mri showed no inflammation. I came away thinking the appointment was a waste of time so hard when you only see him once a year. He also asked if I would like to move to a hospital nearer to home and told me that next time he saw me the consult would be shorter so have my questions ready as he had been told to cut back on time spent with patients!

My sleeping pattern has without doubt got worse as my MS has progressed.

I might get around 4 hours sleep but then its usually a case of just laying there wide awake for 2 or 3 hours, I might, if I’m lucky nod off for another hour and then its a case of I might as well just get up !.

This is pretty much my “normal” sleep pattern these days.

I dont get woken up by cramps, spasms or pain, I just cannot get a full nights sleep.

I would honestly say that 9 out of 10 of my appointments are a total waste of time.

I, (we), all know our own bodies, we know when things have shifted, even if its ever so slightly, but trying to convince these professionals can be so so difficult.

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I totally agree, only when the majority of Neurologists realise their not Gods they may start to understand.

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Regarding the Amitriptyline, I believe there is a very wide range of dosages; maybe an increased dose will work better.

I agree.Accoding to the neuro i used to see not any of my symptoms were due to the MS???