Energy & Sleep Help ???


Im still awaiting my nero to fully diagnose me but my GP has said she will bet her life on it & say that I have MS.

My problem is mainly tiredness & lack of energy while trying to hold down a full time job, I spoke to my GP this morning to see if there was anything she could reccommend for energy & she said that she could not.

Also I find that I am lying in bed at night & my head is like a washing machine just constantly thinking & thinking & I also asked if she could reccommend anything for that which she couldnt.

I asked if I could take the herbal supplement Valerian but she did not reccommend this & told me to speak to my Neuro 1st as it may interfere with my brain activity. My feet are also on fire at night which does not help with trying to get to sleep, I put ice into a hot water bottle for my feet to cool them & after a while the hot water bottle actually begins to feel warm.

Can anyone plese reccommend anything for sleep or to give me energy during the day, I am not keen on taking coffee or red bull but we are getting very close to that at this stage.


Hi dumbo I use berocca tablets for energy boosts. You just drop one into a glass of water to make an orangey drink. They help a bit but only for an energy boost. When fatigue hits, there’s absolutely nothing I can do except rest !! Xx

Thank you MrsH, I will get some of these this evening & hopefully they will work, how do you tell the difference between fatigue & lack of energy (silly question I suppose) but 1 that I am not sure of the answer to.


For me, an energy dip is like, I really can’t be bothered but I can still get on but fatigue is total and utter no way, no can do anything except sleep. It’s totally, overwhelmingly, debilitating. Xx

Thanks for that, I think it fatigue then, the mind is willing but the body is not.

If your GP is confident that it is MS, then I can’t see why he/she shouldn’t prescribe you amitriptyline to take in the evening. It is often used for neuropathic pain (like burning) and has a side effect of making most people drowsy so they sleep solidly too. Why not ask?

You may find that your fatigue is helped a lot by getting a decent night’s sleep. Reducing neuropathic pain should also help.

Unfortunately there is no wonder pill for MS fatigue and although are two meds in use, amantadine and modafinil, neither work for everyone :frowning: Ultimately, we have to learn to manage our fatigue. Exercise has been shown to help, but otherwise it is a matter of pacing ourselves, resting before we get tired, taking lots of breaks whether we feel like we need it or not, not taking too much on / learning to say no, asking for and accepting help, etc. The MSS and the MS Trust do booklets on fatigue. They are mostly common sense, but you might get some good ideas from them - they are free to download.

Karen x

Thanks rizzo unfortunately I’m currently on Effexor for anxiety & my Hp said that it Wouldntbe worth trying to change to a new anti depressant as I had big problems tryi g to come off Effexor a few years back Xx

try co-enzyme Q10 for energy

also there are herbal tablets called Kalms that may help you to sleep

i have a spray by Bach remedies that i squirt on my pillow

i take citalopram as an anti depressant and also take amitriptiline

would your gp allow you to take both?

carole x