Flash Fatigue

Hi all,

Just wondering if you wise and wonderful people have any answers to my latest(!) concerns, relating to fatigue.

With regard to fatigue, I’m a complete rag doll; I have no muscular tone and every effort of movement feels as if I am scaling the north face of the Eiger, which leads to constant napping.

If napping were an Olympic Sport theres no doubt that I’d win all 3 medals; its not a refreshing or relaxing sort of nap but one where I wake up feeling completely hung over with energy levels more or less the same as they were before I slept. I don’t medicate for any of this, by the way, though I’m considering it; Im not au fait, however, with the drugs that are available for MS Fatigue; have you any advice to give me?

Worst of all at the moment is the sort of fatigue that creeps up on me from behind and hits me with a giant exhaustion mallet; its so sudden and overwhelming, I’ve got to lie or sit down there and then (It’s also a bit worrying if the honest truth be known.). It takes about an hour to clear and then

I intend to make an appointment with my GP for this coming Wednesday ( they are closed on Tuesdays for ‘Training Purposes’), but getting to seem him/her is frankly harder to accomplish than it is to get an audience with the Pope.My MS nurse is presently in Clinic ( though he has promised to get back to me) with my Consultant, who puts everything down to my deeply neurogenic bladder and is, therefore, as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Thank you all in advance for any tips and wrinkles you may care to share,

Kizzie :slight_smile: x

hi kizzie

i can let you have my many wrinkles!

as for meds to combat fatigue - i started amantadine but haven’t noticed much improvement.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: I’m going to give amantadine a try, though my MS Nurse is a bit skeptical about it’s effect.

I’ll just nip off to the shops for some cream for our wrinkles!

K :slight_smile: x