please help... advice about fatigue

Hi everyone I could really use some advice on how to manage this awful fatigue i have. I got up at 7am and by 9.30am after taking the little one to school, i was out for the count on the sofa until 2pm on the sofa and still feel like i could sleep another week. I have got work tonight so cant get anymore rest i am at my wits end. Caffiene does not seem to have any effect on me i just dont know what to do. Claudette x


Afraid I’ve got no advice as I’m in the same boat!

Have you had your thyroid checked recently? Apologies if that’s ‘old news’.


Hi Claudette,

I’m sorry but I can’t remember whether you’ve been dx or not?

There are meds that can help with fatigue so it might pay you to contact your neuro’s secretary and explain how badly it’s affecting you - hopefully your neuro will prescribe something to help.

Other than that, pacing yourself can help. Only do the necessary stuff when you feel real bad. Leave the rest 'til another day.

Are you in a job where you can amend your workload accordingly? (sorry again…I can’t remember!)

The ms trust have a publication on Fatigue - it’s definitely worth having a look online!

I completely sympathise 'cos I regularly battle with fatige myself


pm me anytime

Debbie xx

Hi thanks for replying I am not dianosed, had blood tests which show i have vit d defieciency and ben taking supplements for that, the rest of my bloods were fine. Have got a second appointment with my neuro on the 5th sept. Have already spoken to my gp about this but he didnt recommend anything. I have been trying to pace myself and only do the things that are necessary but its not working. I am a carer in the community so there is nothing i can do in that regard. I just feel lkke i am hitting a brick wall, just dont know what to do, i am constantly in tears today because its getting me down. just need something. If i am still like this tomorrow then i will go back to my gp. Thanks x

Hi Claudette, I was given Modafinil by my neuro before I was dx’d and it has really helped with the fatigue. It may be worth giving your neuro’s secretary a call and ask her if he would be prepared to prescribe it before he sees you in September.

Hope you get some joy with them hun, fatigue really sucks and is one of the worst symptoms for me so big (((hugs))) for you and do let us know how you get on.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Hi claudette - just some advice - your GP may not be willing to prescribe you modafanil. There was some recent recommendation can’t remember what about not to prescribe it for ms anymore. Absolutely stupid as we need everything that works so why bl…y h.ll stop it? Hope you get sorted fatigue is nasty Min xx


sorry about the terrible fatigue.Its one of my most disabling symptoms.I have fairly recently been prescribed Modafanil having previously tried all other natural products like l-carnitine. Im sorry but if you havnt been diagnosed its unlikely you will get it. Restrictions have been placed on it. Ireally feel for you as I worked in the nhs trying to combat this. I worked nights and this def did not help. Could you talk to your manager or get your gp to write a letter and maybe try job share or weekend days instead. You maybe lucky and get Modafanil but also check that you are on a high enough dose of vit d. I say this because my 11 year old daughter had severe vit d deficiency and had terrible fatigue,joint pains and problems walking. She had very high dose liquid vit d for 4 months and has greatly improved. x