not sleeping

I hate nights at the mo, Not because of the heat,but i drop off to sleep great,and then 3 hrs of sleep, the twitching sets in (on baclofen and amtriptyline) and i wake up.Wonder round the flat for a half a hr, and finially end up in the spare room where i fall into a deep sleep. This has been going on for sometime,Better make an appt to see doc. But does anyone suffer from this. x


Sleep has been a BIG issue for me for years. Twitching legs, aches, not been able to switch off, waking up too early, etc. It is only within the last couple of months with a house move issue being resolved and low dose of Pregabalin combined with stretching excercises that I have finally have some form of sleep.

So I really understand were you are coming from. It’s not nice. Tried Amtriptline and it turned me into zombie.

Oh I have also done the spare room wandering as well!

Do you excercise or stretch those calf muscles several times a day?

Take care,


Hi, I to used to be awake for most of the night having spasms, that is until I was given clonazepam and I sleep like a log now and it’s heaven. I kept my husband awake, I’d be downstairs even trying to sleep on a dining room chair with my head on the table. But no longer. Clonazepam worked for me. Hope you find your saviour soon, I do sympathise with you.



I sometimes find it hard to drop off but m usually ok, I do find myself waking up at 3am though usually for the toilet then cant get back to sleep and just lie there waiting for my alarm.its 1uite frustrating and I am always so tired

Hi, I am having trouble sleeping, takes me hrs to drop off, then I wake up with twitching legs, and stiffness. Just really getting me down.I have not been told I have MS, however I do most of the symptoms and I have been off work 9ths.Had tests for Meniere’s Disease, I have to wait till 9th October to find out results!!!

I just want to chat to someone who is dealing with what I am.


I often have sleep issues, worse if the fatigue is bad but its a vicious circle. Usually drop off ok, often on the sofa around 9 o clock, get woken up by my husband when he is here to go to bed. Then have a little while before I settle, then I’m awake at about half four and thats it. When he is not here I can’t relax properly to sleep as I worry that I won’t here the kids if they wake (their bedrooms are 2 floors up) and that we are so isolated that if something were to happen no one would be able to help us. Oh and I worry about all the creatures outside the bedroom (mousy and ratty that seem rather resistant to the lovely bait we put down), so I can’t switch off. Then he comes home for his days off and expects to sleep to catch up from working 48 hours in 4 days, and I need to catch up too and if he gets up he stomps around on purpose to let me know that he has had to get up with the kids!