unable to sleep

for about four weeks continually now ive been experiencing the most awful restless legs and just cant sleep. its sooo frustrating and im sooo tired. not only is it at night but its also during the day. weird sensation appears to start at my lower back like little electric shocks and travels down my legs, predominantly from knees down. ive had periods of restless legs over past few years but this is a nightmare. anyone with similar experience?

Yep I do. I’m on sinemet for it which makes it so much better but if I ever miss a day its awful the sensation I could rip my leg off

thats how i feel, im so tired i could cry

:frowning: see if you can try sinemet it does help

thanks for that, i’ll have a word with the GP about it, is it related to MS symptoms do you think?

I have the same with both my arms and legs. Every night without fail, lying there jumping and twitching like i have a Demon inside me.

Try Gabapentin…Thats what i am currently on and it seems to work.

I was taking Tramadol 2x tabs every night half hour before bedtime. this also worked for me.

HTH. Paddy.

Not sure serina I got told anxiety at last appt for my symptoms although on my letter he said I had some unusual symptoms and may scan me! !

Hi serina I have been suffering for this too and taking amitryptiline. Was on 10mg for 10 days then increased to 20mg a couple of nights ago. It’s helping in as much as I’m sleeping through now (or if I wake I go straight back off to sleep). Still feels yucky in the evenings though and when I go to bed. It’s such a horrible feeling isn’t it and one I have struggled to be able do describe! I think we need a vocab list!

Its good to know that there are medications that can help, ive had it all day again and not looking forward to bedtime. also had a numb leg, can feel it but feels odd like its not part of me, yes your right its so difficult to describe these symptoms and thats why GP’s can look at you as if your totally off your head lol