MS sympton or not

Hi all last night when I was in bed the muscles in my legs kept trembling and I found it really hard to stop them. My arms were doing it to but not as much as my legs. I really started to panic which I am sure made it worse. Any advice please as I really didnt like it. Thanks

I’ve got the same issue. My doctor put me on amitripytline which is used for nerve pain. It’s helped to subside the twitching and twinging at night. I also tend to get restless legs just from my knees down which makes the twitching worse.

The med I’m on helps, but doesn’t get rid of it. Just note it down in a symptom diary and try not too worry too much. Hard I know, but if you just ignore it or put it down to walking too much etc it can help reduce it enough to sleep.

Best of wishes

Tsuki xxx