Need a little advice

Hi Everyone

I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago but in that time I’ve moved. My original neurologist was great but the new one isn’t. I get these twitches which can affect pretty much any part of my body (head whips round to one side, legs jerking up, arms the same, look like I’m doing sit ups etc) and sometimes they come one after another to the point it looks like I’m having a seizure. As they had started to get better (I had been on anti-epilepsy meds for about 4 months before this so nothing to do with that) I asked to reduce these so new neurologist said yeah fine. He also said the he didn’t see how the twitches had anything to do with MS and he’d see me in a year.

I now have an appointment with the nurse and I want to ask her to speak to him about something for the twitches because my GP is lovely but doesn’t know about MS and probably wouldn’t want to prescribe anything. So my point is does anyone else get these and if so what are you taking? I want to be able to go to the MS nurse with some options or ideas of what has worked for other people so that they know I’m aware and know what I want.

I hope that makes sense and isn’t too rambley.

Thanks for any advice.

Ropinirole - is used for restless legs etc a symptom of MS. Look it up. l know of a person with ms [PWMS] who is prescribed this - it helps him sleep.

Hi I had twitches, not many spasms for many months. All over my body, legs, arms they would wake me up at night sometimes. Sometimes up to 25 to 30 twitches a day. I didn’t take anything for the twitches. I have been doing a lot of meditation, relaxation techniques, tai chi and the twitching finally stopped.

I find 375mg of magnesium helps ease spasms and is worth trying before the more serious drugs.

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I take Baclofen for spasms, ring your MS Nurse and tell her what’s happening she will be able to tell your GP what to prescribe.

Jan x

Thanks for the advice I’m seeing the MS nurse this week so I’ll have a chat with her about it then! I’m glad to be going in with some ideas of what other people have taken.