Twitching is driving me nuts

Hi Everyone, new symptom has started last week,twitching. It is mainly my right thigh,but have also had it in my right arm and right eyelid. I found if very difficult to sleep last night as it was so bad,so more tired than usual. Is there anything that can stop this and do I need to go back to my GP and tell them of this new wymptom,or do I wait for my neuro appointment??

Any advice please

Thanks Nat

Ooh Nat…me too it drives me crackers !! My GP prescribed amytriptyline which really helps…am only on 20mg but my neuro wants me to up it to 50 which he thinks will see it off… Xx

Mrs H, what a nightmare it is. Have been on Amytripyline before, however I had to take it ery early in the evening as I could hardly get going the next day as it made me so groggy, and such a dry mouth. Not sure which I could put up with more, the twitching or the side effects.

Thanks for the reply

Nat x

Oh, ok, sorry. I take mine at 6pm and it’s ok the next day…although I’m half witted anyway with the MS !! But yes, I do get a dry mouth during the night but it helps so much with the twitching, I’m happy to put up with it. Xx

Pregabalin and baclofen combo for me. Baclofen stopped the jerks that at times resembled mini epileptic fits. Pregabalin helps the smaller ones - the twitches. (Amitriptyline helped too, but I had to come off it because of side effects - widespread ulcers!) Speak to your GP/MS nurse? Karen x

Gabapentin for me and ampatripaline but I stopped taking them both, my legs really did kick out it was unreal but now it has died off and I only get the occational one. I try not to take meds if I can help it and the Gaba and Amp i really didnt feel did anything but as pointed out I could have been put on much higher dosage. I know it annoying try and nice hot bath to relax the muscles too, I know how you girlies love spending hours soaking away.

Thank you all for the replies. I think I will take a visit to the docs and see what they suggest,just don’t want to be see as a nuiscense. Will see how tonight goes, deffinately seems worse at night. Have tried the odd bath,but doesn’t seem to do much, also I do prefer a shower, but we have to try things to see what works for us.

Thank you once again

Nat (hopefully I will be so tired by bed time,I won’t notice any twitching,if all else fails might try what my family suggested,which is a glass or two of alcohol. Not a big drinker so would probably put me out for the night,wouldn’t help me much if the morning with 3 kids though.)


I have had a neck tremor for the last month. It’s driving me nuts too. I’m like Tom, I don’t particularly like taking drugs. I like to see if it will sort itself out first. I’ve had mine before, about 12 years ago and about 7 years. I was incredibly stressed at the time. It did go away after a while but it is a royal pain. I meditate, which I think helps. This is really good. The second one is very good.

I also find that a hot bath helps too.

I hope that your twitching gets better soon.