Muscle twitching

Hiya again , I’ve been getting muscle twitching in my legs at night time, it’s feel like I need to stretch my legs it has been happening every night for the past week and last was awful and I couldn’t sleep and my bf said I do it while I’m asleep. Is this normal for ms? its painless but the next day all my muscles ache :s I was diagnosed with MS a month and half ago. Thankyou Danielle

Hi Completely normal…and irritating as hell. Mine jerk around like a marionette!! And usually wake me and my husband, who gets kicked!! Bless. I find Indian tonic water with quinine a massive help - just from the supermarket. I drink a glass about half an hour before bed and take a glass to bed to sip during the night if I wake up. I am trying to minimise the amount of drugs I take because of side effects so resort to natural alternatives of which this is one. My ms nurse told me about it and I am shocked by how well it works…it’s worth a try and costs very little. Catherine

Thankyou for your reply, ok so it’s normal I thought I was imaging its like I need to stretch them all the time was really bad last night was driving me mental. Ok I’ll go and get some today and see if that helps at all :). Danielle

This advice is useful for me too, I’m very twitchy and jerky indeed - have just bought the gin

Mushrooms and bananas can also help (maybe not together though!). Magnesium supplements are worth trying too, according to various people on here.

Karen x

Hi! Not sure how this works! I have “wobbly” legs, which sometimes just wont move beyond an irritatingly slow shuffle. Does anyone else recognise this symptom? Also, occasionally my whole body shuts down as if Im paralysed, then suddenly, maybe after half an hour or more, starts to return to normal. Its pretty scary! The latest symptom is a strong aversion to certain smells - oranges and coffee particularly. Anyone else recognise this one? Ive had MRI scans, but no diagnosis as yet!

I have wobbly jelly legs too. During my ‘episodes’ my legs often give way or jerk out, although the left one tends to be far more ‘active’ in this manner than the right one. Indeed this has happened for a long time and is well known to my loved ones, so much so that I get called ‘Kenny Everett’ and ‘Max Wall’ by the family! (Well you’ve got to laugh) I am however, undiagnosed, so I cannot say if it is an MS symptom - I just know that it is a symptom of whatever bizarre thing is going on in my body. I have ‘restless legs’ at night too and already drink tonic water before bed when it’s really bad. Catherine is right, it does help. I will try the Mushrooms, Bananas and Magnesium that Karen suggests too.

Rae x