Muscle twitching

Hiya, I’ve been getting muscle twitching in my legs at night time, it’s feel like I need to stretch my legs it has been happening every night for the past week and last was awful and I couldn’t sleep and my bf said I do it while I’m asleep. Is this normal for ms, its painless but the next day all my muscles ache :s I was diagnosed with it a month and half ago. Thankyou Danielle

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Sorry diagnosed with ms a month and half ago *

Hi Danielle. Welcome to the ‘club’! I had exactly the same symptoms as you! I slept soundly, while my wife was kept awake by my occasional kicks! This led to me being dx’d with PPMS. I find a regular stretching before bedtime with 200mg of quinene helps to reduce the twitches. These spasms also are an indication for a toilet break! Sometimes sleeping with your knees bent helps (it does for me). Have a chat with your gp/ms nurse. Ag.

I find 375mg of magnesium helps ease spasm and cramp problems.

Hi Danielle

There’s different drugs you can take that can help. Baclofen is a common one and I find it pretty effective. And as Whammel said, magnesium supplements can help too, especially if there’s a feeling of restlessness.

I’ve noticed that the leg spasms can be triggered by different things, and all have their own feelings in different parts of my legs. Sometimes it’s because my legs are just tired from being used too much, in which case some gentle stretching & massaging helps. Other times it’s because they’re too hot or cold, so cooling them down or gently warming them will sort it out. And sometimes it’s just because I need to empty my bladder.

I’ve also noticed that if I get annoyed with the spasms, that can make it worse. It’s almost like with a baby that’s crying - get annoyed with the baby & it’ll probably carry on crying, or cry even more. But be gentle & soothing and the baby will probably calm down sooner. Don’t know if that makes sense, but I’ve found the same sort of thing happens with how I respond to the spasms.

Hope you find some relief.


It’s more my hands that need stretched and contorted, half the time I’m not even aware I’m doing it

I used to get slight spasms in my legs late at night and feel very restless, was usually just a sign that my body was tired and i needed some sleep. This happened for about 6 months after a relapse but rarely happens now. I get more pain in my hands when i’m tired now. You’ll get used to the tell tale signs of tiredness after a while if you’re newly diagnosed. It’s a good excuse for an early night.