Weird spasms in sleep?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been experiencing some odd (I think they are) spasms at night before bed. It’s almost like RLS, I get an urge to stretch my legs as much as possible but it ends up hurting me in the morning. I think I continue doing this during my sleep because it’s so stiff and sore in the morning. The outside part of my right leg has been sore now for two days because of it.

Mentioned it with my doctor and she suggested doing some stretches before bed but it’s not helping.

slightly o/t - woke up yesterday from the most relaxing/pleasant sleep I’ve had in years. Not sure if I actually did have this pleasant sleep or did I just dream that I did??


those stretchy bands are good for helping to stretch.

the plain flat ones are best (they also come with handles) and cheapest.

you get 5 different colours, the darker colours are the strongest so you can work your way up the colours.

i go to a neuro physio group and we use them there.

beats having to lie on the floor (and double beats having to get up from the floor!)

they sell them in most sports shops


dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer but can you put your hand in your head? oh no.


Hi all, having had spinal decompression surgery before being Diagnosed with MS I did a six one morning a week back class Now 22 months still doing the stretching exercises which help My ms symptoms spasity in my legs. Still get the tremors in the evenings but doing squares has strengthened my knees. This hot weather dose not help matter’s.

I wake up having spasms in my legs. Extra drugs usually does the job. Sometimes I sit on the edge of the bed waiting for legs and bed to cool down while the extra drugs get to work. But it does mean I don’t manage to get up very early, extra Baclofen and Cloneazepam tends to make me sleep a bit later.

Spasms are the pits.


Hi new to this site, had MS for 14 years and still think positive. I had real stiffness in my legs and spasms and used to wake up with them, then had to put my feet on the floor till they went, then went back to sleep for a couple of hours then they returned. Spoke to my Neurologist 6 years ago who advised my GP to issue me with Tizanidine 2mg tablets take one at a time up to a maximum of 4/5 a night. Normally go to bed at 11pm take a 2mg tizanidine tablet, they relax your muscles, they make you drowsy, fall asleep, they wear off after 2 hours wake up a bit stiff, take another fall asleep wake up again same routine, do not take any after 6.30am as I like to get up at 8am. Feel fantastic after a pretty good nights sleep Your GP will need to do a routine blood test to check your liver is working ok, when I saw my GP 6 years ago he said he had never heard of them, perhaps they were new then. Hope this was helpful.

Hi I get this aswell, don’t sleep very well and am on sleeping tablets which don’t seem to work very well, when I explained this symptom to the nurses they suggested Amitriptyline, they have seemed to help may be worth a go. Not sure if your GP would prescribe these or may be worth asking your MS nurse to request it from GP.