I have problems sleeping at night, well getting to sleep.

My legs are very active when I first get into bed, ‘jump’ alot/spasms.

I find I am more awake than asleep.

Any thoughts?

Hello, I am in a lot of discomfort when I go to bed too and find it difficult to get to sleep. The toes on my right foot are really uncomfortable and keep trying to bend up! They ease up a bit once my evening Gabapentin dose kicks in.

Do you take bedtime medication? Could you take it earlier so that it is already beginning to take effect?

I also find I can get to sleep better if the clock radio is on and I am listening to Radio5 and the news/topics of discussion etc. Concentrating on matters outside of my own body helps me to switch off mentally.

I also find I sleep better if I lie diagonally across the bed but that’s difficult with husband there!

I should check about medical options to calm your spasms, if I were you I think. Others who use this forum will know more than me about those. I’m on Gabapentin only.

good luck


You could try Baclofen, it works for me. Ask your gp for it or failing that neuro/ms nurse. At first you might find it makes you sleepy at first but it has the added bonus of helping sleep plus relaxing the muscles.

I would recommend it.



Hi ya

I know that feeling only too well. Speak with your ms nurse or neuro, there are meds that can help. I’m on clonazepam which I increased a bit over time. They definitely help. Before I started them it went from my legs jumping about to my body going crazy.

There is help to be had so please don’t suffer in silence. Good luck

Debbie xx

Amitriptyline, works for me.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

Push for Sativex!

I’m new to this page. I am getting very bad spasms in both my feet, they jump about and like some of the other members it’s worse of a night, you just can’t get to sleep. I don’t take any medication for this, is there anything available to help it settle down. Also my legs burn in the night and are very red and hot. Again is there anything for this condition. Is this another MS related problem. My MS has progressed to SPMS. Can anyone help with these awful spasms and burning legs.

For spasms, I use Baclofen and Cloneazepam. They seem to work for me. Many people use a magnesium supplement or a spray though.

For burning sensations, Amitriptyline does the job for me. It has a sedative effect though so you need to take it in the evening, but not too late as you can suffer ‘hangover’ style after effects the next day, so take it before 8pm.

Ask your GP or neurologist for advice. Obviously you’d need to pick a symptom and start a drug to help with that symptom, take it for a few weeks at least before starting a different drug (for another symptom).

Best of luck.


When my legs start to do that I take magnesium tablets - it works for me, but my neurologist is sceptical.

Anyone here been on Cladribine (Mavenclad) for a couple of years?