Repeating Spasms in feet and legs

Does anyone else have this problem ?

I get spasms in my feet and ankles that pulls my foot up. It only lasts a second but keeps repeating every 20 second or so. I think it seems like hiccups in my feet ! This can go on for hours at a time, sometimes into the night stopping me from sleeping. This can happen in either foot. It does it whether I’m sitting or laying down. If I’m standing it can make me fall. There doesn’t seem to be anything that triggers it and it can stop as suddenly as it starts.

I’ve tried stretching them and massaging them. If I stand while it’s happening I can fall although strangely it doesn’t happen if I’m moving about but restarts when I stop.

So does anyone have anything like this ? And if so what do you do about it ? I’m already taking Baclofen, but it doesnt seem to affect it.


Yes…I get sudden ms spasms where I get sudden urges my feet/legs to draw up or in towards me as if I am clenching them.

It’s the flexor muscle action. I am doing right now in fact. It’s so annoying gives me gip & is uncontrollable Just one of the

symptoms of this bl**dy condition!

I have SPMS, use a motorised wheelchair for all my transportation & take Baclofen & Amitriptyline.

My mantra is always ms stinks!

Yes, I get this too. It really bloody annoys me, my right foot won’t lift at all when I try to use it to walk with (foot drop), but when I’m sitting watching TV, off it goes, dorsiflexing like mad. Damn thing.

It wakes me up everyday with awful spasms too. Which quite often becomes cramp in one leg or the other.

I try to keep the spasms to a minimum with Baclofen and Cloneazepam. It doesn’t always work, and overnight it fails, but mostly through the day I’m not too bad. (I’m hoping now that I’ve not jinxed things and I’ll get bad spasms tonight!!)


I take magnesium tablets and also use magnesium spray when I need it, magnesium really helps with spasms.

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