foot twitch or spasm?? or is it the same thing

Hello. So ive just got home from a night out. I was driving. When I was driving through the car park I had to rely on using clutch control as the car park was very busy. My whole left leg began to shake. Now this has happened before but in the past I’ve managed to shake it off, & doesnt last as long. I normally put it down to pressing on a nerve on the end of my foot. But this time I couldn’t shake it off. Now when my foot wasn’t on the clutch it was ok, but as soon as I pressed down on my clutch again my whole leg began to shack again. It wasn’t a nice feeling. Once I got on the main road it did settle down. I’ve now been home about half an hour & my leg doesn’t feel right. I can feel little twitches/tingling sensation. Hope this makes sense. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas what it could of been.

Hi Minnie,

That sounds like neither twitch nor spasm, but tremor!


Like Tina says, this sounds like tremor. I have had this too but mine was the other way round. I couldn’t life my break foot off o the accelerator to put on the break. It was really frightening. I was also on my own so had to park up using the handbrake and call for help to get me home. Horrible.

Shazzie xx

I’ve not heard of a Tremor, I take its ms related? It was horrible I know that much, when it’s happened in the past its just been my foot :frowning:

Yes, it’s quite a common MS symptom.

I get it, but only in certain very specific circumstances - the most prominent one being on the loo, of all places! It’s something to do with the exact height of the loo. Not very easy to explain without drawing a diagram - and I’m sure you don’t need a diagram of me on the loo - but sometimes I find I am sitting without my feet flat on the floor, and just resting on my toes, if that makes sense. Sort of like on tiptoes, but sitting. In this exact position, it seems to set up a tremor. If I plant my feet flat on the floor, it stops. It’s something to do with my calf muscles having to support the weight of my legs without my feet firmly on the floor. They can’t hold the stress position, and a tremor starts up.

I first noticed it years ago, and thought it a bit odd, but stupidly did not suspect anything wrong. As it only ever seemed to happen on the loo, and was easily fixed by adjusting my position, I wasn’t particularly worried about it. I now think it was one of many small signs I had neuro problems, but which I ignored.



Thank you That sounds like what happened to me yesterday. Like I said it’s happened before but only minor, can’t belive my whole leg started to shake. It went all tense. Didn’t like it,it’s kinda freaked me out. All the minor times I brushed it off as being a trapped nerve in my foot or something.

Hmm, is this similar to something that happens to me sometimes when I stand up?

If I’ve been sitting for a while, when I first stand I can get this shaking that goes through my legs - generating at my hips. It can be quite pronounced, but it only lasts for 10-20 seconds or so, then I can go on my way. It usually only does this when I’m finding walking more difficult. On a day like today I’ll stand up, and pause with a hand on my desk, just in case, and while there’s a whisper of it there, it’s unlikely to rear its head.

Yup - me too, normally left leg, driving automatic is fine, but with a manual, more than about 20 minutes driving and my leg goes into spasms, so unable ti use the clutch.

Sounds daft, but unless it’s freezing, I wear Croks flip flops, so when out, often stop for a while and gently rock from toes to heels, it gets the circulation going, and when my toes stand up to attention at 90 degrees it is much less painful then wearing closed shoes or boots.

I’ve been taking Ginko Biloba tablets (Chinese herbal) - one a day, and seems to help the circulation and certainly my hands and feet don’t always feel so cold.