An itch then a twitch

hi . Im just in bed now and again im getting twitches . Involuntary foot kicks . But i can tell when theyre coming as a usally get an itch in my leg moments before .

It ranges from 3-30 seconds warning .

Anyone else have similar twitchs

I get these, have had them for the last 10 years. Had them at 1am this morning along with terrible itching in both legs.

I take Baclofen which mostly appears to prevent them but, as this morning proves, not always.

Yeah, I get twitches. Also get itching particularly of legs. I also get restless legs. But I haven’t linked them together!

I get this, a sharp pain like an insect bite or being jabbed with a pin then my leg twitches - very strange

Yeh, that happens to me too. I can get a slightly painful, but always uncomfortable, prickly feeling which always ends in a foot twitch.

Horrible at the time, but thankfully, only short lasting.


Thanks for the replies.

its been an ongoing thing since before i was diagnosed but it seems to have got worse.

I stopped my stretching exerises ( for dropfoot) as it made my leg weak and lately ive felt the muscles tightening and a dull pain and the kick has gotten more noticeable

start streching again i suppose !

Colum, I misread your thread title as ‘An itch then a bitch’ this is my new glitch courtesy of the ever giving disease that is MS but to be fair mis-reading things can make me laugh. Hope your itches and twitches calm soon.

I can relate to this. I have been suffering from eczema since July and I try really hard not to scratch when my skin itches. However, when I get warm in bed and my legs or feet itch, it becomes unbearably and eventually it itches so much that it’s a painful prickly itch, then my leg will jerk and I just have to give in and scratch so it’s a different pain. Sometimes I’m not sure how much of the itching is the eczema and how much is just an MS thing because I’ve had itchy, hot feet in bed since I was diagnosed.


Oh yes, this sounds very familiar. First an intense stabbing itch, then a second later the twitch. If I’m quick enough and the itch is in an accessible place and I scratch it, it stops the twitch. Can’t always do that though when the itch is on the sole of the foot and one is at the dining table

Anna x

Thats the funny thing ,

if i scrath the itch i can stop the twitch

love the title “an itch then a twitch”

maybe add to it " an itch, a twitch, a bitch then a glitch".

i put moisturising cream on the itchy part which seems to help.

carole x

I have just recently started getting this in my feet and it’s very disruptive, I’ve become very ticklish as well to the point where the tickling makes me twitch even just putting on shoes or walking bare foot, it’s so frustrating:(

I know this is an older post but I have been having this symptom for a while and was curious if this is something exclusive to MS? I haven’t been diagnosised.