Leg Tremors x

Hi All

I tried to drive down to the docs and the whole of my legs started trembling violently when I was trying to push down on the pedals!!

It’s happened before now and again but only when say I’ve been sitting with the ball of my foot on the floor - I’ve just put it down to pressing on a nerve.

but this has really scared me!


PS forgot to say - the left is the worst and when the doc tests my ankle reflex he says I have hypereflexia with sustained clonus 10 plus beats in that leg.

Could this be the cause of the tremor??


That must have been really scary. I’ve stopped driving for the moment as my foot kept slipping off the clutch.

I get tremors all down my left leg when I turn over in bed from my left side onto my back - it’s weird! Never get it at any other time so I don’t understand it.

Sarah x

Hi Jen

Give your neuro’s secretary a call - or your nurse if you have one - and ask if he can call you back & tell him what you’ve told us, there are meds available that may help. I get myoclonic jerks (mainly at night) - my neuro prescribed Clonazepam which I take nightly and - for the most part - the jerks have eased.

Let us know how you get on when you get a mo.

Good luck

Debbie xx

I think ‘hypereflexia with sustained clonus of 10 plus beats’ cant be said to be the cause of your tremor; causation would be something like a lesion, or a disease like MS or say Parkinson’s. I think those are terms to describe measurable characteristics of certain kinds of temor e.g the frequency and other symptoms commonly associated with it e.g. hypereflexia, and these are important clues to identifying the actual cause or for ruling things out.