Clonus question??

Hi all

Me again!

I saw my GP today again - he did my reflexes and said I still have the hyperreflexia. But today it was my ankle one that really scared me!

I don’t think it’s ever been so bad as today - when he tapped I actually saw it go potty all on it’s own! He said that this is clonus and it’s 10 beats plus.

It was happening in both legs but worse on the left

Is there a difference between hypereflexia and clonus? Would this be more likeley the spine or the brain causing it?

He has booked me in to see him or my other regular GP twice a week for the next 5 weeks! I’ve been seeing one or other of them weekly but twice a week seems extreme does’nt ??

The reflex scale is basically:

0: absent

1: weak

2: normal

3: brisk

4: hyper with clonus

5: hyper with sustained clonus (= more than 5 beats)

Clonus is a sign of upper motor neuron damage I think.

Please don’t be afraid to tell the GPs that you can’t see them so often if you think it’s not helping you. There is only so much they can do and you might start to feel like a guinea pig if they overdo it!

Karen x

Thanks Karen x

It was scary but at the same time totally fascinating to feel & watch my feet go like that!

Do you know much about Duloxetine and MS pain (if that’s what it is)? He has given me a prescription for 30mg once a day. He was very quick to say he doesn’t think I’m depressed - it isn’t for depression but for neuropathic pain - to be honest I couldn’t care less if it was for Bubonic Plague (!) - at the moment I’ll take anything they throw at me!

xxx jenny xxx

If you go to and search Duloxetine you’ll probably find that it’s used for quite a lot of things, including neuropathic pain. Bit of a wonder drug class, antidepressants!

I hope it helps you


Thanks Karen!

I took one yesterday and will take one before bed tonight!

I had my Brain MRI today - without contrast for most of the way through - then with contrast for just the Pituitary Gland area (?)

The only reason I can think they did this is because my Father died from Addisons caused by a large tumour in that area.

They said the results will be with my GP in 2 weeks - so roll on!


hey jen…glad you had your mri today…not long to wait then…hope you found it ok…I found mine very noisey towards the ned and didnt like the vibrations much re my neck…lol



I didn’t like it one bit I must say!

Especially when they put that helmet thing over the face - felt Darth Vadarish!

Then as soon as I was in it EVERYTHING started to itch & tickle!! - nose, eye, lip, chin, ear!! - I wanted to cough, sneeze, swallow and my eye twitched like mad!! Longest 20 minutes ever! Dreaming of my massive lottery win this weekend got me through it! LOL

All done now though - hopefully all will be well with the results!


Lol Jen…what are you like…true I didnt like the helmet thing either…and as much as I tried to relax…my eyes were twitching all through it…and just for good measure my bad leg was jumping about and twitching…typical that the jloty pians came on then…mind you the bed thing was very hard…and apart from the pillow under my kness it was most uncomfy!!

ahh yes re lotto win…how marvelous would the be…hehe…hey you could buy your own mri scanner. the dogs doodars no less…and Rizzo could be the technition/wizz person…I could do reiki to help those nervous peeps…and pink lemonade for afterwards…lol stistcly only open to those on here who wish to bypass the NHS…haha…