Just wondered if any of you had hyperflexia? I went to see a rheumatologist in May, he tested my reflexes and my legs jumped in the air and was told that I had hyperflexia.

Yep, think it’s common amongst us MSer’s.

The reflexes under my knee are hyper sensetive.

Another one is Clonus.

Also, try putting the ball of your foot on the floor with you heel slightly raised, you might get the foot tembling, this happens without MS but can be far more obvious with MS.

Went I saw the rheumatologist he didn’t really explain anything. I got a copy of a letter he sent to my doctor and I had to google most of it to see what it meant. I have got an appointment with my dr in January and will discuss all of the symptoms with him. It is a long list that seems to be getting longer.