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sorry keep asking questions but not seeing specialist til jan but when i went to gp she tested my relexes and said they were fine so was wondering if relexes are ok if there would be NO chance of me having ms? got all the other symptoms but ok reflexes?

I have the same thing. She said they might have a more zoned in look at how reflexes are compared to herself as just a normal GP, but did say mine are brisk (some people are naturally like that).

She said she was doing it just as it’s protocol. I wouldn’t really think too much over it until you see the neuro :slight_smile:

Tsuki xx

thank you …erm what do you mean by brisk?

They’re very quick responses to stimuli. Some people have more sensitive affects to stimuli on their reflexes than others.

MS is a very complicated disease and unfortunately is so different for everyone else you don’t need all the symptoms to be exhbiting it. Much so is the same with a lot of things.

I hope that gave you some answers and comfort :slight_smile: x

Brisk reflexes indicates a problem with the spinal cord. If you have just brain lesions then your reflexes would probably be normal.

Moyna xxx