Felt like Elvis.........

A funny thing happened the other day and I really didn’t know whether anyone else has experienced this. I was doing the washing up and suddenly out of nowhere my right leg started to tremble, shake and jerk everywhere. Couldn’t control it at all so I grabbed hold of the sink and yelled to hubby to help me to a seat. To be honest, in the end we were both laughing as he said I could have given Elvis Presley a run for his money the way that leg was going. Really strange feeling though… both our hands kept bouncing off the leg as we tried to stop it jerking. Lasted about 10 mins then finally subsided. Was hilarious but on the downside it has since left me with bl**dy pins and needles all down my leg and foot…that’s not so funny

Exactly the same happened to me months ago…with exactly the same outcome…MrH and I ended up on the floor, howling with laughter…and yes, I stopped laughing when the nins and peedles hit afterwards !! Xx

Hi Elvis visits me every single day! I get the leg shakes when transferring from commode to wheelie.

Everyone calls me Elvis when it happens.

I also have Tina Turner and Kathy Kerby living with me.

Can you guess who/what they are?

luv Pollx

Funny you should say about the commode, Poll, 'cos literally the one place I often get a tremor going is on the loo!

I’ve never noticed it on any other seat in the house, so must be something about the exact height and angle of the loo. I guess, in the fullness of time, I’m going to need a raised seat, or grab rails or something. But I’d been going shaky on the loo for years before Dx. I don’t know why I didn’t think it was anything sinister - I just didn’t. Because it was the only place it happened, I thought (as I still do) that it was just to do with the loo being a funny height for me.



Yeh, I reckon it must be when our feet rest on certain nerves. I also get the shakes when stretching out in bed.

Ahaha…thankyou very much.( said with curled lip!)

luv Pollx