Hi everyone hope you are as well as you can be.

on Friday I got out of bed and I was shaking all over, even my teeth were chattering . So I wrapped myself up.

, or rather hubby did and laid down on the settee and slept. When I awoke my legs and right arm were totally dead. Of course I was dying for the loo and with an awful struggle hubby got me there, well almost. Just as I was about to sit my legs gave way completely, so there I was on the floor with my legs underneath the rest of me. There was no way my hubby could lift me and I couldn’t help myself. So he took the quilt off of the bed and made me as comfy as possible. He then called for an ambulance and because I wasn’t having a heart attack I was down graded… I laid on the floor for a hour before a paramedic arrived. I was relieved to see he was a big strong man. He brought in a blow up chair lifted me onto it and up I went. He transferred me into my wheelchair, took all my vital signs, blood pressure low, temperature high but ok. He then asked if I wanted to go to hospital, I said NO THANKS. He then proceeded to put be back in bed.

I am still weak from it and wondered if anyone else has experienced the same type of thing.

Thanks for listening.




yes-me. last time was 3 weeks ago. i lay on loo floor for 3hrs in middle of night. i didnt want to panic/wake the kids. its happened several times over the years. no exp;laination so dunno what i can say. but you are not alone in expweriencing this ellie

Oh Jenet, how awful for you! I did once have a similar experiences, but not nearly as bad. I wasn’t feeling too good so I had my commode next to my bed and as I got out to use it my legs gave way! I sat on the floor for awhile hoping that my husband would check on me, but he didn’t and was not with in hearing distance. I eventually managed to haul myself, which no help from my legs, on to the bed. My husband came in 2 mins later and when asked if I was OK I burst in to tears. My legs took a month to get almost back to “normal”. It was at that point that iI admitted that I needed to apply for my DLA to be up graded:-\ As I said not nearly as bad as your experience but it was quite a mile stone for me. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now, although I’m sure it must be very upsetting for you, quite a shock! Hugs Teddie

Thank you Ellie and Teddie for relying, I felt really scared as I know I have SPMS but It is just going to quickly for me. I had hoped it would slow down a bit. Optimist that’s me. I still feel very, shaky on my legs and generally feel unwell.

thank you again.



Hi Janet, Hugs sent to you, I fell today too i was trying to Pull the water container out of the bottom of the dryer, it was a slow motion fall bumping my bottom on the kitchen floor from a bending position but not having the strength to hold my upper body up so I fell back, I have 5 adults at home and not one of them were within earshot, apart from my daughters 14 week old puppy who dived on me (bathing me in saliva). I’m fortunate enough to still be able to get up on my own albeit with great difficulty and slowly.if I remember rightly Don who is on the ppms forum said that he now has one of the blow up chairs you said the paramedics used, not sure if he got it through O.T or purchased it, maybe worth looking into.


Janet, it sounds to me as though you’re MS is playing up due to another illness, may be some sort of infection. You say your temperature was high but OK, did you mean above normal? Your discription of your shaking reminds me one of my many UTIs. Have you had your urine tested? Don’t assume that this horrible situation is a rapid deterioration it may be a problem that will pass. Some of my most frightening “relapses” have turned out to be an exacerbation of symptoms caused by UTIs. I can imagine how frightening this is for you and I hope that things settle down for you soon x

Hi PP, thank you for the hugs, sorely needed. Sorry to hear you had a fall today I hope you didn’t damage yourself , except for the wet face! I’m due to see OT very soon so I will enquire thanks for the tip.

thanks for your hugs Jen, much appreciated.

Teddie, you could well be right as I do have other conditions that interact so it’s always a possibility.

thank you all once again you have been very kind.



Just wanted to send big love to you. Sounds horrid :frowning:

L x

((((Big hugs)))) hope you’re better soon xxx Julie xxx

Hi Janet sorry to read the above i hope your okay today as well as can be , im not a huggy guy but send you 1 from Cornwall , hope your feeling a little better

respect sean x

Janet sorry you have had this, it sound like an infection of some sort. The first time it happened to me was scarey but after near on twenty years of PPMS I am now well versed in it.


I could have written this post myself Janet!

The same happened to me but it wasn’t my legs giving way - it was my terrible vertigo/balance that was the problem.

I couldn’t stand up at all.

My story is worse though!!

because i wet myself as well because i just could not get on the loo!!

My hubby helped clean me up and called the ambulance! oh! the shame!!

I was so embarrassed!! and felt so very ill!!

I ended up with steroids and a week in bed.

lots of hugs coming your way

i hope you feel better soon my love

Thank you Star for the big love, I was really touched.

Vinnygirl, thank you for the hugs I really felt them.

Sheep your 1 was much appreciated

Don, thanks for your wise words I shall be seeing my own doc’ soon to find out.

Teresa sorry to hear that you have experienced the embarrassment that I did, only mine went a little further if you get my gist!

seriously folks you have all been so kind, I would never have told my relatives all I have told you kind fellow sufferers. So thanks for understanding how I felt. Today I still feel very weak and all I want to do is sleep and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

(((((HUGS))))) to you all.



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Hi Janet sounds awful. Last year I had 8 U.T.I.'s my urologist suggested next time GP gave me Nitrofurantoin 50 mg 4 x a day. They seem to work better, and have only suffered two in last six months.

Good news is that my Botox has been approved, so hopefully that will shorthly be done, save on the nappies and washing bedding hopefully. When I Have a UTI the pads just are not enough, so w.m. on the go 24/7.

I live alone, but when I collapse, I try to cope. I do have a red button, but so far only called them once when I fell into the glass knob of dressing table, getting up for the loo, as my legs collapsed completely. Thought I had cracked some ribs, but it was a popped muscle, which came out like a golf ball. The two ambulance guys came, called and spoke to an emergency doctor,who prescribed tramadol & parcetamol and knocked the cocodomol for a couple of weeks. They were great, made me a cuppa and got me back to bed, with my button to hand. Felt bad calling them out though, but they were quite happy about it.

Hugs & kisses to all of you, it’s great to know that we are not alone with this ridiculous MONSTER that some days rules our lives.


Bless you Janet! I really feel for you.

Get plenty of rest and give your body time to recover.

Listen to your body and take it easy.

Thanks everyone, it means such a lot to know others understand. Bless you all.



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hang in there janet- you sound strong, and with your hubby’s love and support, even stronger. MS is a total bstard but you are bigger than it. take the time that you need and sd all the crap it throws at you as you have dignity and reslience preventing it from defining you. hugs sent from here too xxx

Hello Fufflyollie, Sorry didn’t reply before but have spent an awful lot of sleeping. Thank you for the hugs much appreciated and you are quite right I am a strong person and my lovely hubby is very supportive. I know these things happen and I will most likely have another incident but I’ll fight the bu**er with all my might. Thanks for your support.