Just when things couldn't get worse.......

I’ve got secondary progressive MS. Been struggling recently. Signed off work, for the first time ever, for the month of February.

Over er the last few days, my walkingbeen awful. Normally my MS problems are all on the right side, but for the first time ever, the left leg has become a problem.

Went for a lie down around 7pm last night, read a book for 1/2 hour or so, and then couldn’t get up! Eventually managed to sit up, got partly undressed and went to the, en-suite, loo. Just inside the loo the legs stopped working altogether, but the bladder didn’t! Peed all over the floor. Thankfully the wife and kids were in the living room, so didn’t see my accident, nor the tears of anger and frustration that followed.

On the plus side, despite quite a few scares, I didn’t fall yesterday! Woo hoo.

Slept,sort of, in a chair in the bedroom. Took me an hour or so to get showered and dressed today. Took about 10 minutes to shuffle, with crutches, from the bedroom to the kitchen and am now sitting watching the football. If I wasn’t scared sh1tless about this attack, I’d be happy.

On the plus side, The sun is shining, the sky is blue. The birds are pecking at the bird feeder just outside the patio windows.



Sounds awful Derek. I feel for you. I’ve peed myself and it is the most unpleasant thing. I didn’t even notice. I’m glad that you haven’t fallen.

Do you take supplements at all? I find them to be really helpful, especially vit b12.

I hope you manage to enjoy the rest of the day. My thoughts are with you. I’m glad that you are trying to look on the positive side of things.

All the best. Adrian. :slight_smile:

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Aww man… I live in fear of that sort of thing happening, but I guess we all do the same thing occasionally. I suppose it’s not such a great deal, just annoying and embarrassing and makes one feel like a baby again. You’re allowed a few tears… don’'t worry about it!

Fracastorius (Jane)

It’s not for sissies, this MS lark is it?

I wet myself the other day, just made it to the bathroom but failed to make it out of the wheelchair before the flood started. Pee everywhere, all over the wheelchair, me, the bathroom floor. Not a hope in hell of clearing it up by myself, so had to call for OH help. In the main, I’ve managed to keep my ‘accidents’ fairly private, but every time there’s a major one, I feel so helpless and embarrassed. At least it was pee not poo!! (This time!)

I hope your legs start behaving themselves a bit better soon. A question though, are you sure you don’t have a UTI? This can cause all sorts of effects on legs, brain, bladder control etc.



Oh man, that’s no fun. Not for sissies…Sue is too right! Just more of that gift that just keeps on giving.

REALLY glad that you end on a positive note though, hope that wasn’t you just trying to put a brave face on things.



Over the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve had a few UTI’s and they have knocked the MS all to hell and my walking has been dreadful for a week or so immediately after.

The scary thing with this episode is that I haven’t had a UTI and yet my legs are worse than ever and this episode seems to be lasting longer.

I normally wear pads, so it’s normally only me who knows about any “accidents”.


Hi, oh yeh, wetting yourself does zilch for your confidence, that`s for sure!

Before my spc, wetting myself was a daily occurence…even with pads, once they are moved out of the way, the spill is inevitable!

My most spectacular wetting displays happened when up in my sling and aiming for the commode…Niagara Falls had nowt on me!!!

Innit a good job we can share this sort of horror here…

luv Pollx

ps hope this episode soon clears and you can cope better Del!

Just spent an hour on the patio in the sunshine sitting in the wheelchair and it’s certainly improved my mood Very cold but nice and cosy with about 16 layers of clothes on. Secateurs in hand,happily chopping away at the plant pots on the patio. My (nutter) daughter and friend in their t-shirts bouncing away on the trampoline, oblivious to the cold.

MS has taken away lots, but it’s still good to have a few simple pleasures.



That makes me smile, Derek! It has been a lovely day today, so I’m really glad you got to enjoy it.

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Nice one Derek,

I am delighted, impressed and humbled by your positive style.

I will work on my own positivity - thanks for that

All the best Mick

We had one hell of a hailstorm, here in our bit of West Yorkshire midday. Bright sunshine one minute… then that!

Yeh Derek, we have to take pleasure in whatever way we can. You know us who have no choice but to sit a lot, often notice things others miss. It’s like the poem goes…

What is this life so full of care

We have no time to stand and stare

No time to sit beneath the boughs

And stare as long as sheep or cows

A poor life this if full of care

We have no time to stand and stare




We had some flurries of hail here in Lincolnshire, maybe the southern edge of Poll’s storm. Crazy weather today!