Thought the earth was moving...

...beneath my feet! No sex even. Had my legs up on coffee table after parents evening last night and jumped up exclaiming there was an earth tremble...  lovely, sensitive son said "mum, you're the one with spazzy weird legs think it's only you really". Seems my legs are vibrating!! They're still at it. New and weird one, feels like I'm the motor of a fridge or something. Normal in a 'crapped-up neuro' sorta way?



LOL! Yep, normal in a 'crapped-up neuro' sorta way happy2letdown (Wasn't sure which smiley to use so provided both for you to choose from!!!)

Ain't kids just great?! angry

Karen x

I too have spazzing moments, kids call the jerk my party trick!!


I too have vibration in my legs especially in bed, it feels like I must be lying on a mobile phone!

Take care


I choose the combination of smileys, it’s a mixed bag .

Karma has given boy child a cold today

Vibrating mobile is good description but it’s a bloomin big mobile phone!!

Night all x