Please would someone describe their spasms...

Hi there - I’m very interested to know what happens when you have a ‘spasm’.

Earlier, I was lying in bed when my thigh muscles got tighter and tighter and tighter, I couldn’t relax them at all or move and then whoosh my legs jerked out, the muscles shook for a while with a squeezing, shaky feel to them and then finally relaxed. This has happened a couple of times before and I also have to do battle with my bladder at the same time my legs jerk out as my bladder muscles also squeeze.

Sound familiar to anyone?


yup, sounds only too familiar

my body is a foreign place to me now but hey i always wanted to travel!

and as for my bladder i’m not on speaking terms with that b********

carole x

My spasms happen in my back. Their are two long muscles either side of the spine, and one of them spasms pulling my back to one side. Makes one of my legs seem shorter than the other. Ms is so random sometimes.

Hi, yeh, spasms can do all the things you describe.

When I had my first ones, in my arms, it happended when I reached for something.

I would get a tightness in my upper arm, which quickly turned to severe pain and went down through my arm, and kind of left my body through my hand. As I said, it was really painful and i didnt know what it was. I saw my GP about it and she said I should tell my neuro at my next visit. In those days I was seen 6 monthly.

I did what she advised and was put on baclofen. This happened at the same rtime as the neuro found excessive tone in my legs…denoting spasticity. Baclofen did help and I went from 20mg a day, to 70mg.

The higher dose proved too much, as it caused falls.

All this was in 2000. Now I am experiencing more foot spasms when in bed. i just wait until they`ve gone.

I dont want to up my dosage ,as last time I did that, I found I was wetting more and swallowing my tongue at night. Yes, VERY scary!

I currently take 30mg a day.

luv Pollx

it is funny, I was thinking about something similar myself, for some time now, I have had a sense of really tight muscles in my legs, not relating in any way to actual exercise and quite painful. I have always wondered whether this was spasms?



i get them in the bottom of my back and sometimes in my chin lol when i yawn which are very painful indeed :frowning:

not nice at all

im also not on speaking terms with my bladder lol . . . . it has the habbit of either disturbing my sleep or just deciding that it wants to go AND GO NOW!!! hehehehe

oh the joys

:slight_smile: Lou

Thanks for replying. It seems my muscles have decided to get more and more painful - mostly the ones above and below the knee of my right leg little bug*ers!! Anyone got some nice muscles to spare?



Yes as per your original post, same for me. The only thing I can do to ease them is to stand up straight, easier said than done whilst being a wheelchair user!

I do find that my bladder has such a big impact on my spasms, still trying to regain control of that area.

We fight on!