Please can someone describe their spasms...

I’ve put this in the Everyday Living section but some of you here who don’t venture over the other side might also be able to help!

I’m very interested to know what happens when you have a ‘spasm’.

Earlier, I was lying in bed when my thigh muscles got tighter and tighter and tighter, I couldn’t relax them at all or move and then whoosh my legs jerked out, the muscles shook for a while with a squeezing, shaky feel to them and then finally relaxed. This has happened a couple of times before and I also have to do battle with my bladder at the same time my legs jerk out as my bladder muscles also squeeze.

Sound familiar at all?


all too familiar deb

as for my bladder we arre no longer on speaking terms

carole x

Hi Carole - I read your post in everyday living and you made me chuckle . love it that people can be humourous about their horrible ailments. xx