Bladder question, help please?

Hello, been having a pretty bad couple of days with cramp/spasms ib my ribs in particukar, but also something completely new for me, bladder spasms?! Don;t think I haave a n infection but will get it checked out any way, but the spasms make me double up in pai. Anyone else had these, whats the best way of dealing with them. Making me feel really awful

Thanks xx


I’ve never had them myself. I suppose treatment will depend on the cause. In the meantime, if you have a Tens machine, it may help by increasing blood flow, so making the bladder muscle stronger. Other than that, some good old paracetamol.

Hope things improve soon.

PS; do you have a walk in gp centre, if things get really bad?


Thanks blossom, we have a walk in centre attached to a and e but would rather avoid unless i get really bad. have taken an extra gabapentin and a hot water bottle seems to help, i need 2 hot water bottles, one foy ribs and one for my bladder! Typical this should happen this bank holiday weekend when I had lots planned. Oh well fingers crossed it will pass.


How you feeling today…Any better? xx

HI Blossom, rib pain a bit better today, bladder spasms eased off a bit, had a hot water bottle all night. But feel generally much worse than usual, very shaky this morning, so tired my legs just don’t want to carry me.

Got family over for lunch today, which thank goodness my daughter is now cooking, but really don’t feel like company, just want to go to bed and stay there.

Hoping i’ll feel a bit better by lunch time, then will go to bed when they’ve gone.

Hope you dong ok, Happy easter xx

Bless your daughter :slight_smile: Quiet day for us…husband not well…just gone to emergency docs :frowning: it’s a recurring problem though, so we are used to it :slight_smile: Take it easy :slight_smile:

Happy Easter :slight_smile:

I’m taking muscle relaxants for bladder spasms and that seems to help mine, although they make me sleepy x