Bladder question

Hello all. I’m usually on the 'new diagnosis ’ forum, so hello to you all and I hope you’re all coping with this heat. My question is about bladder issues. Sometimes I just cannot go for a wee. I can sit there ages and nothing happens, even though I’m bursting to go. It’s worse in a flare up. It comes and goes so it’s not there all the time. What I’d like to do is have something that will help me go, I really don’t want a load of horrible tests, I’ve had enough of those for one lifetime. Would it be worth just saying to my GP that I just want to know how to catheterise myself and bypass a load of tests? Thanks xx

Hello Beverly You can refer yourself to the continence nurse :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

Yes, Beverly, Do refer yourself to the specialist continence nurses for urgent help - they will give you the confidence to self-catheterise. And they come to the house!

You will soon be ‘in charge’.

Deal with this urgently. UTIs can be a killer, literally. I have been hospitalised 4 times with UTIs.

Hey I suffer the same and am seeing the bladder clinic on Monday. You need to get it checked by professionals really. My MS Nurse referred me. X

Hello All,

I have the same problem as Beverly. I try to wee and can’t even though my bladder is bursting and going into spasm. I have got catheters and have had all the help and more,in trying to use them,but I have so much pain and discomfort around that area,at the best of times,that I find I can’t use them. The urologist that I saw yesterday ,thinks I have developed a psycological block,which I probably have. I have suffered for years with symptoms like this , also pain , tingling burning and all the other lovely things we enjoy.Unfortunately it was’;nt until earlier this year when my symptoms became much worse,and I have difficulty in walking, that they have stopped telling me it’s" just pain" and started doing tests. The MRI’s have showed lesions in brain and spine. Neuro who I have only just recently been referred to ,tell’s me I have M.S and have probably had it for years.I don’t yet know what stage I am,but seeing as I have had no relief from pain,burning etc. for at least 15 years ,I am not expecting it to be the best news. So seeing that I have been thinking I was going crackers and making a fuss about nothing,no wonder that I have a psycolgical block!!!

Beverley, some bladder issues can be treated with tablets so it is worth getting a referral to the continence team and discussing your problems with them. Self-catheterisation sounds a bit drastic to me, I’d rather see if there are other treatments that could help first, but the continence team will know what the best options are for your problem.

Good luck.

I also want to try tablets first read ldn can help.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile: sorry in late reply, I’m still trying to get my head round this daft update. It loos good and all but it’s baffling me at the moment :s thanks again and I will make an appointment to see my doc and see where I go from there xx

I’m currently having the same problems I can be absolutely bursting and nothing happens I try to go to the toilet before going to sleep but struggle and then wake up about 3 hours with discomfort and having to go to the toilet which usually takes about 10-15 minutes and by then I’m awake and struggle to get back to sleep. I do have an appointment to see a urologist towards the end of next month that my neuro booked in for me which is the only thing he has done since my dx 7 months ago so i have to wait until then to get some answers and hopefully some help.

I had similar problems - my neuro described it as urgency and hesitancy (the feeling that you need to go NOW even when you know there’s nothing there, and the being unable to pass anything even when you know your bladder is full). I’m on medication for the urgency and it’s helping. The hesitancy is still there but that is less of a concern to me, especially now the urgency is under control.

I did see a post somewhere on here a few days ago suggesting that hesitancy can be overcome by rocking backwards and forwards while sat on the toilet. I haven’t tried it myself yet but it might be worth a go.

It’s worth a try it can’t do me no harm I suppose although I do usually stand,when I told my neuro all he said was that it is a symptom of ms and he’d refer me to the urologist it seemed he couldn’t get rid of me quick enough ,also said he would refer me to a ms nurse but I’ve still heard nothing on that front.

If bursting or bladder nearly full and the muscles don’t want to work it’s silly but I stand up then sit and I pass small amount then repeat the stand up sit down I few times I manage to empty I don’t have urgency unless I’m bursting bad which is about once a week but never had accidents so I’m ok.

hope this helps x

Thanks everyone. It’s something I will sort, it’s very annoying. It’s worse if I’m on my way out, I will go to the loo with that feeling I need to ‘go’, then takes me 10 mins or more to get it done :s thanks everyone again, I appreciate it x