Bladder stopped working?

Has anybody ever had this happen? 1 week ago i wanted to go for a wee and physically just couldnt go, initially i thought it might work later on but its still not working a week down the line! I am only 32 and have never had this problem happen before and i am sooo scared im stuck this way. I started with a relapse 10 weeks ago and some symptoms have cleared but new ones have started. My neuro wont give me anything as he wants me to have the campath but at the moment i cant have it as my bloods are too low, so he has to ask heamatology first. I was just wondering if anybody else has had this and recovered etc?

thanks and hope you are all well x

Hi, do you mean you actually have not had a wee for a week? Oh if this is correct then you must see someone asap. The pain must be excrutiating. I hope I have misunderstood you.

I would ring my GP and ask to be seen immediately, hun.

luv Pollx

oh you must be desperate!

are you constipated? if you are, it makes it more difficult to wee.

you need to make an appointment with the bowel & bladder clinic as soon as possible because you need to avoid a urinary tract infection.

good luck

carole xx

Hi there I am so sorry that you are suffering like this. You must feel very scared and worried and you must go to see the doctor who will refer you to a specialist. Unfortunately, apparently something like 70 per cent of MSers have bladder problems. I have PPMS and my bladder is getting worse and worse to the point that I am going to see the specialist as soon as I can get an appointment about self-catheterisation. Your problems may start to clear up once your symptoms are in remission but I think you ought not leave such a situation but get some help. Hth Teresa xx:-)


Yes my bladder works on and off - I self catherterise when needed. It comes and goes. So if you are having a relapse its probably at its worst now and should ease up for you.

((((HUgs)))) Mary

Hi, thanks for replys, i have been, had to self catheterise, i have asked my MS nurse if she will refer me etc as my GP’S both said its her job. My MS nurse is a cow from hell, she makes out everything is a bother and that i am pestering to the point she even said well im out of here in 40 mins! Iunderstand bladders can get worse but i have RRMS, never had any probs like this before and as you say i am going out of my mind as nobody seems to be listening. Oh and cant go other end either so yea that dont help either lol x

If yo are a girl this may be awkward. Position yourself on the edge of the bed,all set to widdle into something(hence the awkward bit) then have a hair dryer played GENTLY ON A LOW HEAT around the bladder and whatever gear you are fitted with.

This helps me when I need it,I’m guessing by dilating all the pipe work. If you can’t manage this and need to be on the bog I INSIST you have help befofe taking the dryer into the bathroom.

The non-believers will scoff,but it works for me and if things are that bad…If you do try it,please let us know how you get on.

Pleasant piddling, Wb

You must get in touch with gp and inform him/her your not urinating as you should. My bladder went on strike completely for a day and half and continence nurse came out armed with catheter and emptied my bladder. I had to continue to do self catheterisation until the sensation came back and I was able to empty the bladder normally, which it did over time.

Its very dangerous to leave the bladder in such a state, besides your kidneys may get infected and you dont want that senario.

Please do seek help immediately - its out there, just ask.



Hi bren i have been self catheterising at the moment so that i can empty my bladder, i wish my statyed on strike fo a day and half but mine as been a week of being on strike!! Were you having a relapse? or did it just return to normal? I am also waiting for a continance nurse to call me too so fingers crossed i will be better soon xx

Hi Sian I am so relieved that you are self-catheterising and are able to empty properly. Hopefully your bladder will recover from your current relapse and start working soon. Teresa xx

I have that too, I know I need too pee but it just wont come out they call it pis en deux or bladder hesistency. Very frustrating espesically when you wake up very early neededing the toilet but then can’t go and and also not get back to sleep Speak to your doctor and ask abouit movicol or what ever they think

l think you will all agree - that this is the worst part of MS - bowel/bladder incontinence -and the most misunderstood by the GPs/Nurses - unless of course they also have MS.

Constipation will stop the bladder working effectively - so thats the first to get sorted out. Golden linseeds sprinkled onto your cereal /salad will help get you regular - but first of all a good dose of Movicol to start!! A muscle relaxant should help with the bladder as it sounds as if it is ‘spasming’ and stopping you from going. Self-catheterising does become easier the more you do it. Drink plenty of water - it helps the bowels and bladder.

l have no control over my bladder and ended up having a supra-pubic catheter fitted about 18yrs ago. lts been life changing for me - and very little bother. Also l have a peristeen system to help with bowels. This allows me to to go when l want to -and not when they decide to let you down!!

So there are ‘answers’ out there for your problems. lf you can get Campath - do give it a try. lts the only dmd l would try - but alas l am spms so not able to.

Finally, Don’t let anyone make you feel you are ‘bothering’ them - its their job to help you - and not being able to pass urine is dangerous and is to be taken seriously. Keep on to them - and don’t apologise! l haven’t got an MS nurse - but the district nurses here are brilliant.