Wee wee stuff again!!

Hi Guys x

I'm on about the bladder agan because it's really bothering me!

Just before and at the beginning of this 'relapse' I was having Urge Incontinence i.e not knowng my bladder was full until the very last minute and then sometimes not getting to the loo in time.

I was also getting the odd electric shock type pain/spasm round my abdomen that once or twice made me lose control of my bladder

Twice I woke up in the night 'emptying' but with no sensation of needing to go!! blush


Ok - so now this 'realpse' seems to be almost over and many of my symptoms including the urge incontinence during the day has calmed down

But I am still just NOT feeling anything through the night even though my bladder is full - especially in the mornings! 

I've always woken up in the morning wth a full bladder 'feeling' and had to rush to the loo - now it's just totally numb - I can sit there not feeling a thing yet when I go to the loo it's 'gallons'!! I'm not leaking anymore so my muscles must have recovered enough to hold my bladder - I just don't think the nerves are working or my brain is not registering/sending the sensation!!

Will this go away??? Does anyone else get this just at night?? 



Before I had meds I wanted to wee evry 15 minutes on average,I was dying to go yet when I went to the bathroom I only did a very small amount.Now the meds have helped with it and I no longer need to wee so ofetn.During the night it was 15-20 times before I could sleep.

Now I can hold it and wee for Wales when I use the bathroom.But I dont feel that urge to go.I dont get pain I feel uncomfortable and nothing else so I go for a wee and pee for Wales.No feeling of fullness.

It is diffrent for everyone of us Jen...

I hope your ok today.


I would see your GP. I take meds now for urinary continance and its amazing. I think you can have tests to check for neurogenic bladder - I was prescribed all my meds before diagnosis so you don't need to have an MS diagnosis to start the meds. I can't remember the name of them at the mo. It has been life changing - no more wee'ing a million times a day.

hey Hun…sounds awful Hun…keep an eye on it fr sure… certainly coud be to do with your back ir nerves from bladder .ESP if you are laying flat …coud be putting pressure on an area…just a thought…def mention to gp and if it continues see a urolgyst…sorry another one o add to the list…lol
I very full bladder in morning isn’t right if you go before bed time…may have to restrict fluids all after 8 pm see if that helps. have you been tested fir diabetes?
em x

Hi Jen,

Urinary issues are fairly common in ms and I think (?) there’s a publication available on it which might be worth looking at.

For me it’s 'urgency - I don’t know that I need to go until the last minute and when I do, I really do! I mentioned it to my nurse and she suggested that I see a continence advisor - you don’t need a dx for this and you can make an appt via your GP, in fact I’m fairly sure that you can self refer…but don’t quote me on that bit though…

If you do see one then could you let me know how you get on when you get a mo’ and I’ll do the same if I see one…

Debbie xx

Thank you for your advice lovelies!! will let you know what the doc says! xxjenxx

My neuro referred me to the continence nurse who I saw for the first time today.

I often feel desperate but do 50mls when I go...and there is no feeling at all when I do go.

One of the problems is I drink gallons as the meds give me such a dry mouth,and what goes in has got to come out.

I am starting a bladder re training programme and the nurse will come to the house.

Although its a weird thing being under a inco nurse at our age,the appt was an hour so you really have chance to talk about it properly,I would def ask the gp to refer you.

Take care


Hello, your post reminded me that, when I went to have a look at a treatment centre (MS Treatment Centres, the MS Society Helpline recommened I take a look) they told me that their diving tank/air treament (for sure it's got a proper name) was really popular and that the people who used it especiallys said it was good for bladder and bowel symptoms.  Might be worth you taking a look? Best x