Please can someone advise, im currently waiting to see both an opthamologist and a neuro due to ongoing symptoms. I have been trying to keep an open mind but something awful happened this morning which has totally freaked me out! I came into the house from town and needed a pee but rather than go, i started to put a few bits and pieces away. I REALLY needed to go, so started to walk towards the loo when it just happened, i wet myself, i could’nt stop it, it was as if i had no control. I have noticed over the last few weeks that i get a strong urge to go, but maybe just do a dribble. I feel like crying my eyes out, but my son is off sick today so trying to hold it together. Thanx Gogirl

Hi Gogirl. Really sorry you have found yourself here. Im not dx yet… waiting to see opthomologist again and neuro on 3rd july.

I have the same as you, but have found myself near enough housebound due to various symptoms and this desperate urgency to pee. It is awful isnt it. Like we really need that on top of everything else! I wish you well, please let the neuro and your GP know about this too however embarrassing it is. Apparently there are meds that can help with this. I havent got any but then my GP wants me to see neuro before prescribing anything else.

So Im stuck at home :frowning: bored out my mind and feeling poo. Hey ho though, hopefully we will all get some answers very soon.

Good luck and I hope tomo is a better day for you.

Paula xx

Hello Gogirl,you can see your district nurse who will supply you with inconinent pads My nurse came yesterday to order what I needed.

MS and other illness can cause us to loose control of our bladder and bowels.

Yes its shocking when it first happens.Now I do not feel the urge to wee until the very last second and its a wiered feeling.Now I go to the toilet as soon as I have any signs that I may need the bathroon.

Please do not upset yourself over this many of us have done the same and worse.

I know you are waiting to see the neuro if your having symptoms and need some meds please do not suffer in silence ask your GP.

I will say I only have small accidents.Ive been lucky,it depends how my MS is acting,if aggresive I will have accidents when it calms down a little I do not.

Bless you.