so embarrassed

hi all

i knew that urgency was a symptom i know ive felt as though i needed the loo without warning before and made it , but just sitting watching tv this morning with my partner and my sister i got this feeling as though i needed to go to the loo to move my bowels , only thing is i knew i had to rush straight there as it was very sudden with no warning running up stairs i still didnt make it cant believe this has happened to me i always go on that i need to know if there is toilets if im going out anywhere but it happens when im in house and still feel very embarrassed about it just really puts me of from going out incase it happens then as no control how fast it happens and ive started a new job just couple weeks ago everything is happening at the one time with all my symptoms grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

this came to me gradually, I have two grown up sons at home along with hubby, so when I have an accident I find them all something to do, to get them out of the room. All I can say, is thank goodness there are 2 doors out of our front room. If they have realised, then they have never said. I go to the loo often, even if I have no feeling, so my bladder is never full as for my bowels the worst time is in the morning, so I stay near home at the moment, some days seem to be better than others. I have considered purchasing protection pads, but could not bare the extra expense at the moment, so I have not gone that far.


I have not had this happen to me,but I can imagine now that the fear of it happening again will seriously affect your life.

I would advise you talk to your ms nurse or gp and ask for a referral to the continence service. I know that sounds embarrasing but mine made all the difference to my quality of life bladderwise.

Stress will only make things worse so try and talk to someone ASAP. Saying that I’m sure others will be along with practical advice.

Thinking of you